Start to Spring 2010
Welcome to another good year ahead








January 1st 2010 In Olbia, Sardinia, Italy Great concert last night with fireworks
  Spent time in Olbia doing small jobs on jj. Meet a Dr and her family. Did a big shop with her, lovely being in a car and not having to pull all the shopping back to jj.

Went off to the Magellan's, anchoring in a few places, nice and quite here. Decided to go to the Island Isola Razzoli, but the wind was so good I carried on to Porto Vecchio in Corsica, France. Anchored away from the town in a small bay. When the wind changed went near the town and leant that the marina is closed from 18:00 on Friday to 08:00 on Monday, so 3 free nights, free water and Electric. The French supper markets are so different. Started to eat French type food.

Time to go back to Rome, then Taiwan. Left in a force 4, but as I sailed the wind increased and was as high as 45 knots and jj's top speed was 14.7. Took 20 hours instead of 25 to 30 hours. Did washing and a few jobs, then packed ready for the off.


Will do more on a fantastic trip


Back to Rome, Italy. A few days here sorting out.

A few improvements suggested by my brother Tony

This keeps the rain out of the loo and we get lots of fresh air.

Stops tall people banging their heads

Off to Corsica, Porto Vecchio. Good sail did it in 24 hours. Anchored near the town.

Views from out anchorage in Porto Vecchio.

Amanda's favourite beer

Had to have a clear up as Helen & Catherine are coming for a few days. Next time we are going to take a before and after photo.

Amanda taking us into Porto Vecchio 14 Metres (44 feet) of jj in front of her.

Went in for water, fuel and meet Helen and Catherine. They are here just for 3 1/2 days, we decided we would go to Sardinia. Set off around 12 and arrived at Island Cavallo, Port Eurl, a French Island.

It had WIFI and water, no charge in the marina as there is no one here. Lovely place, in the summer it would cost 210€ a day for jj. Next day went to Sardinia and did some sightseeing and shopping. Short sail to the small Island Isola Razzoli, with a few tacks. Anchored and relaxed. Up early, we need to be back, as they leave at 07:00 on Sunday morning. The customs came along side and asked if we had guns, Drugs or Alcohol on board. I nearly said yes lots of it and 2 machine guns, but I did not thin they had a sense of humour, They wished us good luck in the rugby and went on there way. Went into the marina. Waved them off on Sunday, they were only here for 3 1/2 days but we did a lot of travailing and sailing.

Rome to Corsica, then Sardinia

We decided to go back to Island Cavallo, Port Eurl. Meet a few people this time, mainly on holiday for Easter. It seems the Cavallo is owned by the people that have houses here, no one seems to live here just lots of very big holiday homes and a hotel, at over 500€ a night. We will stay here while we have food then go shopping in Corsica and maybe come back.

Cavallo on a windy day

Amanda photographing on a calm day

The Cavallo, there own ferry boat.

I drove this.

I went on the ferry to Corsica, it's just like an Army landing craft.

jj in the deserted marina

jj Close up

My panoramic view of a bay on Cavallo

Lovely beaches and houses, we have to go through some to get to the beaches. No cars, just a few electric buggies & a electric bus.

The BBQ is still cooking great food and stays there in a gale as well.

Off to Bonifacio, Southern Corsica, France, shopping.

April 13

Off to Bonifacio, Southern Corsica, France, shopping. Took the short cut at a very slow speed lots of rocks, but found our way OK. Filled up with drinking water and food. Now we can stay a wee or more on Cavallo. Decided to stay the night. Went ashore, very tempted to get more buns, but resisted the temptation.

Well nearly, we did buy 3 of these over 2 days. You can only buy them in Bonifacio

Went back to photograph the sunset on Bonifacio. As we were getting close the jj the customs arrived and Amanda could not find her passport, we showed them the old one and they were happy. Amanda just made it to get some photos, stayed until it was dark for some night time ones. I cooked veggies that went with the cooked Chicken we brought.

April 14

Up early for a ride on the train, up to the top of Bonifacio. Off to photograph the cliffs and a big rock. Amanda wants me to go as close as I can to the rocks. All done, now a slow motor back to Cavallo, jj can just follow the way she came, great stuff this GPS and tracking, especially with so many rocks about, just under the sea, so you can not see them. But they are on the chart. Amanda cooks a spaghetti with a home made sauce. Lovely

April 15 Awoke to a blue blue sky, up and doing washing, should all be dry bye tonight. Washing all done, web site up to date. Having a lovely Lasagne for dinner, it does 2 nights so no cooking tomorrow.
April 16 Very calm and a blue blue sky, painting today and moving to a free electric point. Walking after lunch, I just love life. Just got back from the beach, on the east side, wind from the west so very calm and hot laying in the sand. Easy cooking tonight, just re-heat the Lasagne.

April 17

Meet a French family, he was English. They borrowed a friend's sail boat, but I felt they had not sailed much
April 18 Painting the rust on jj

April 19

Very windy, so just played on the Internet and relaxed
April 20 Sunny today, top coated bits of the hull and now starting to re stick bits of the teak deck, a big job
April 21 Still windy and sunny. Sticking the deck down is very messy, I have done around the windless the thing that pulls the anchor up). now off for a walk and relax, Amanda cooking tonight.
April 22

Made a fuel gauge. Now I can actually see how much fuel I have.

April 23

Raining today. Doing some things inside, but should be OK by the afternoon. Will go for a walk.
Someone left some Tomato and Spaghetti by jj for us. Don't know who?

  Mainly doing the deck, a big job and very messy. But don't work all day, I love walking around the island
April 29

We say good bye to Cavallo. Up early and a god sail with a few tacks to Palu. We were just going to stop a few hours for free, but is was only 10€, so stayed the night and did shopping and got gas. Not a pretty place.

I negotiated a deal on some binoculars, he wanted 20€ I offered 14€ and the deal was struck at 15€.
Not the best ones but I can see quite good through them.

Another guy want his photo taken with Amanda

The ferry to the Islands

April 30

I went to get fresh bread for breakfast and found a market.

Amanda wanted Lard and it was here.

The deal is done

Leave after lunch, it was windy and a very small exit from the berth, so amanda pushed jj around with the dingy. She is very good sea person and is always there in an emergency. A few tacks and I found an island out of the wind and any waves. Ashore the were buildings which looked like an disused factory. We went and looked and on the quay there were small rail tracks, like ones used in a mine. I did not know what they were used for. Up the hill was a prison looking building and thought it may have been a prison. We walked up and up. On the to were 2 places for very big guns, just like the ones I had seen in Jersey and Guernsey. All was clear now. The shells were unloaded and put on small railway trucks, stored away from the living quarters and Guns. Mystery solved.

May 1

Awoke to a brilliant day by fishermen doing there crab pots, we must have nearly anchored over them. Then there was a diver, all in the middle of nowhere. Made our way to Porto Cervo. Anchored away from the swell, I serviced the winches. Then in the early evening a large motor vessel came in, the port asked us to re anchor We moved to the other side of the port and when it was dark picked up a mooring buoy as well. Had a peaceful night.

May 2 Went to church at 11 to meet Alessandra, our post girl. She was not there, text when I got back, she has the flue and could we meet in the afternoon. Got the post, a part which Han's sent from Rome witch had been sent by Norm from the UK and a few VDV's from ??? he knows who it is? Life without the help of friends would be very hard. I thank everyone who does our post, get my pills (until a letter was mislaid) Now I do not get any pills, from the UK. Helps wit spare parts, so many to thanks. Wet and rainy on and off today.
May 3

Leave Porto Cervo for Olbia. Good sail down, just timed it right. We got to Olbia bay and the wind shifted is was on the noes for a mile then went around to the South East and strengthened. We anchored for a few hours enjoying the fresh air.

Went into Olbia stopping for water on the way in at the Marina. Went along side OK. Settled here for a few days now. We stayed there for a few weeks

May 20 We sailed to Cagliari, stopping for a late dinner in Alghero. Sailed on over night as the wind was good sail.
May 21 Arrive Cagliari to be meet by Pam and Norm. We stayed 6 days, helping some Pam and Norm on their boat.
May 27 We left in the afternoon of the 27th May. Sailed to Pula stopped the night

The Island of Sardinia
May 28 Went ashore to see the Roman ruins, but we have seen better ones in Rome so did not go in, Had a iced cappuccino instead, in a café over looking the bay. After lunch we sailed to Porto Malfatano, it is safe here in any wind except a southerly wind. We are now waiting for friends and we will meet them in Cagliari or Villasimius and when the weather is good we will sail to Sicily.
May 29 Had a English Sunday Breakfast. Sunny and windy , but from the North West, so calm in here. We expect it to be like this all week. I read the Sunday Mail, but it was boring all politics.
June 07 Spending a enjoyable few weeks in Porto Malfatano. We have moved around the bay depending on the wind and waves.