Sailing Plans of jj.boat
A record (Log) of jj.boat's travels

Winter 2007
7 October 12:00 6030     Leave Mahon  
  16:00 6050 20 Arrive Cala Trebeluja. Sailed all the way, looking in at a few Cala's on the way. We both swam. It is supposed to have pink sand, but it is only a bit pink by the waters edge. Went up a small river, saw a water snake & Amanda found some very pretty shells. Amanda swam ashore about 100 Meters on her own. Just us & a couple camping on the beach. If the wind is OK tomorrow we will go to Majorca.
8 October 14:45 6050   Leave Cala Trebeluja, Sailed with the cruising chute about a third of the way, then no wind
9 October 01:30 6090 40   Arrive Porto Colom  
11 October 12:30 6090     Leave Porto Colom  
11 October 20:30 6132 42

Arrive Santa Ponsa. A good sail some cruising chute doing 7 knotts had difficulty taking cruising cute. Saw 2 Dolphin's. Lots of storms around us. Anchored in the dark. Amanda had Pizza ready when we got here. Will stay a few days then off to Andratx
Dana& Hendrik arrived on Saturday out of the blue, so good to see the again. Rented a car Drive & meet up with Robbi & Linnet

Amanda with her Smart car

Robbi & Linnet
22 October

Arrived Andratx for the winter. Meet up with some old friends.
Visit Palma, finally get my passport. Went to a "Bonfire Night" at the local cricket club, terrible compared with Spanish firework. Visit Robbi & Linnet,they were closed. Went on to Palma for Tapas and a drink. It's great to have friends with a car.

Me, Amanda, Chris, Dana, Hendrik, Uve, Antje, Deter
November Looking for a marina for Amanda while in the UK. Finally decide on Soller, but no WIFI. Sail to Soller and I fly back to UK for 6 days, a rush but saw most people,but missed a few. Went on the electric tram and a bus ride up into the hills. A good sail back to Andratx with 30 to 40 knott winds, but off the land. Dana and Hendrik waving us in as usual. New generator working fine. Working on jj, The last thing I brought has gone wrong "The Loo". Now everything I have brought has gone wrong, may be things only last 2 1/2 years. The wind has been from the north since we have been here, strong at times, but calm in the harbor. Amanda has gone the the local market with the "girls". Been on the bus a few times to Palma. Now got a bus pass.

Sunset in Andratx
December Lots of Germans here, we went to a "German Christmas Fair", like an English one, but everyone speaks German!!

Stephan, John, Dieter & Uve, Brigitte cooking, Flares on the Moll, 3 Parachute flares, John, Antje, Alex, Moll group
December 31 After letting off flares on 25th in the harbor, we nearly set light to a house, then the boats in the marina. It was decided that the Moll (stone wall) nearest the sea was the best place to do it on New Years Eve.
Dieter picked us up and when we arrive Chris & dieter had got hold of a drum, lots of wood to make a fire in the drum. Then Stephan and Bridge arrived with BBQ and food. This was going to be a good night. The week before a guy that services life rafts gave us 100 or more out of date flares. You can see from the pictures that we all had a good time. We counted down New Year and toasted out 2007 and in 2008. Then stared to let off the flares, only one that Uve was holding did a circle around us before heading to wards the moon. Some did not go off, but it was a good experience and we now know how to use flares. We hope none of us have to use them in an emergency.

Stephan, Brigitte, Antje, Uve, Deter, Pirate, Paul, Paul's Girl, Spanish guy, Amanda, Me, Chris & Alex
January 1st

As seems always, we all went back to Dieters "Emily". he produced drink, food & good music. He is a wonderful guy, the girl that ties him down will have a great life. We left around 6.

January 1st

All our family, friends old & new have a great 2008.