Weather Information
I mainly use the following
zyGrib program, in colour

Good maps
Military site, I think a real person looks after this site  
This looks a good one from Greece
Passage Weather
Amanda like these, they seem accurate

I got these from Thomas a Swedish guy. Good satellite animations

National Data Buoy Centre

WIND BARBS: Standard meteorological method for representing wind speed and direction. The direction the wind is blowing from is represented by a staff or wind direction line. Wind speed (in knots) is denoted by the barbs at the end of the wind direction line (short lines 5 knots; long lines 10 knots). Calm winds are indicated by O's.


Spain west of Corsica and Sardinia.
Very good Spainish site  
Good 7 day for wind, waves and rain or the fast version
Text from NAVTEXT
Mainly use for Sun, temp and rain, I call it beach weather
New to me but seems very accurate.

Wind Finder

Wind Guru

Weather online. Wind, Waves and Isobars in small files

Sailing weather on line has also gota grib program
Another grib program, but ZyGrib is beter. Get grib file program and files for free


Other sites:
Metarea III