Sailing trip of jj.boat in the UK


jj.boat is finished 11th May 2005.

Who that in the back ground?

Thanks Nigle Neal & Des

What great movers, the driver did it all.

I never worried while it was in his hands

Ernist and Shaun.
Russel and everybody did their bit
My Mum and Adam (was there in Sprit) launched jj.boat on the 12 May 2005 at Lake side Mariner. Pool

A record (Log) of jj.boat's travels from the UK to France

Date Time Log Trip Log Book (Where jj.boat has been) Notes & Link's          
12 May       jj.boat Launched. What a day. THANK YOU EVERYBODY THAT HELPED and came on jj's first trip.  
May to July       Poole Quay Boat Haven D5 South Coast Shaun helped finish off jj. Lots of problems with new equipment, but everything me & Nigle did is working well. Shun help a lot in Poole.  
        Poole Quay Boat Haven D5 South Coast Poole Tourism
23 July 23:00 54.8   Left Poole after fireworks Force 6 Sandra's first real sail, She was great. Jj performed well to Weymouth
24 July 05:00 71.8 17 Weymouth Moored by a big barge filled up with diesel slept a bit I was a bit excited jj could sail  
24 July 12:30     Leave Weymouth  
24 July 19:30     Arrival Exmouth Saw Mum she was lovely, came on board with a few friends drank Champagne Exmouth

Seal on Exmouth sands
28 July 14:00     Leave Exmouth. Wind was a Force 6 but increased to a Force 7 on the way. I loved it bit a bit rough for the crew. I no I will miss Mum XX Malcolm arrived
28 July       Arrive Brixham. Force 7 blowing most of the way, a bit rough for Malcom´s first sail, jj was comfortable Brixham
29 July       Finally left UK. Brixham to North Britany  
30 July       Treguier. Up a long river, but very calm. It was a long night but the crew where coping well, I felt I could rest and jj was in good hands. Treguier
31 July 08:00     Leave Treguier. Calm trip down river, Sandra did a bit of steering, she has the knack Treguier


Before we go on our adventure, we would like to sail the south coast, into London and may be hop over the channel for some cheap booze a few times.  We would share marina fees, food etc. in England. Never did this may be one day my grandchildren will take me.

We will be leaving around the end of July 2005.  You could join me for some of the time sailing, down the French or straight across the Bay of Biscay and Portuguese coast to Gibraltar and get a train/bus/fly back. Thanks Malcome, Could not have done it with out you.


A few pictures of jj.boat

That's me,with my life jacket on.


jj.boat in full sail