Sailing Plans of jj.boat


A record (Log) of jj.boat's travels, along the North Spanish coast to the Mediterranean

DateTimeLogTripLog Book (Where jj.boat has been)Notes & Links
August 0906:3064572Arrive Bilbao. What a sail. I have never seen such large waves. I have to say Sandra is a good sailor, I would have worried more if I had been on my own,she helped us get through a Force 8 Gale in very high seas, also jj loved it and was very comfortable. Hit a bit of concrete on way in but jj is OK.Euskaquitaine
August 11  645 Leave Bilbao A pleasant few days only paid for 1 but had to clime gates. Sorted a few things out after the storm 
August 1111:0066612Arrive Castro Urdiale walked the wall and kicked our feet on the wall,when we got to the end, a tradition of Castro Urdiale. I do that every where now and think of Sandra and happy days. A lovely harbor big church 
August 12 09:3066 Leave Castro Urdiales 
August 1221:0070034Arrive Ria-Desuances Anchor in river, had to move up river said a big boat was coming woke in night to check everything all OK. River moved log 7 N MilesTurismo Cantabria
August 13 09:30707 Leave Ria-Desuances 
August 13   Call into Llanes a very very small port, I mean small, little. Sail on not much wind. 
August 13 21:0073932Ribadesella.Info asturias
Ribadesella. Lovely port all free. This is what I am looking forward to. Seeing new places. Meet a Irish man told us about flights etc. Sandra had to see the Dr. so as it is near a airport arranged flight to UK, she said she would re join me in the Mediterranean. So sorry to see her go, felt a bit down, but life goes on. I think I was worried about sailing on my own. So stayed a few days. There was a dance festival, groups from all over the would. So watched that, saw the town and got ready for my first sail alone, I always have jj, she looks after me
August 17 06:30  Leave Ribadesella. What was I worrying about jj sail beautifully. 
    Call in to Gijon fill up with water and fuel 
 23:0079051Arrive Cudillero 
August 18 13:00  Leave Cudillero 
August 1916:0086878Arrive Ria de CedeiraRia de Cedillero

Ria de Cedeira. What a sail. Never seen such big waves. I loved it no worries. Then the engine would not start, seems like water in it. Made my mind up Sandra was right get a new one, where though. Looked in the book there was a mechanic at Cedeira. So made for there. Wind dropped still the biggest waves. But it is a place I could sail into. Took a 2 hours to do 2 miles. Just as I was going in the wind picked up and sailed in, dropped anchor and went to sleep. Later someone sailed by I ask about mechanic. His dad sent him to London to learn English when he was younger, thank you his Dad. He help a lot coming every day and he lived a few miles away from Cederia. Then there was the translators, a guy on the phone, a friend of Malusi the office girl, Fina and the girl who looked after the harbor Eva. They where all terrific, I must learn Spanish. On the last day they took me for coffee. Paco changed engine it took days to get. He was a good mechanic, fitted the water pump, engine stared first time and I haven't looked back. While it was out of the water I repainted the water line, put a red line on, cleaned like crazy and smartened jj up. Yes there where a few dents from Bilbio, just painted over them, next time I see them will be swimming under jj in the Mediterranean. Unfortunately I had to eat out when jj was out of the water, all the floors up mess everywhere, made a change. I was going to leave on the Saturday so Eva and husband came in especially to fill me up with water, not normally available, what it is to have friends. Just about to leave then there is a gale and then another one. So re anchored

September 1112:00870 Leave Ria de Cedeira On the way I saw my first Dolphin's. Stayed with me for an hour just a magical moment I will never forget 
September 12 18:151015145Arrive Viana do Castelo Portugal. A Lace making town, very pretty 
September 13 11:301015 Leave Viana do Castelo Portugal 
September 1409:301116 Off Nazare 17 Miles 
September 1418:001139 Off Ericeire 5 Miles 
September 1520:001265250Arrive Baleeira anchored in a fishing harbor. A force 7 blew up on the nose so made for Baleeire, Leon will have to wait another day to see me 
September 16 10:001265 Leave Baleeira. Raced a French boat, jj won. Wind was off and on 
September 17 10:001376111Arrive Porto Sherry. Half finished apartment's been like it for 14 years something to do with "The Boxers Brother"Ask my brother Tony 

17 to 20

   Saw Sarah Adam & Leon in Cadiz. Spanish Algarve Leon is look so much like Adam and growing up fast, I hope I see some of that, they are talking about coming and staying on jj. I have made a special berth for Leon and the little ones. Thanks Bab's for letting me stay there Sarah, Adam & Leon
    Leave Porto Sherry. I Anchored off the Marina for free the last night 
September 20 06:30  

Sarah filmed jj off of beach could not see Leon but am sure he is waving.
Past Trafalgar, quite moving thinking he was here, I always remember Tony and I going to his birth place in Norfolk. Never ever dreamed I would visit the battle site.

September 2019:00144468Arrive Barbate Wind on the nose again so Anchored Force 7. Moved twice, then went into harbor. Very rough even in harbor
September 23 12:001444 Leave Barbate 
September 23 15:30145915Arrive Gibraltar re fuel. Tommy can take me to see the rock another day.Marina Bay
Next stop the Mediterranean


A few pictures of jj.boat

That's me,with my life jacket on.


jj.boat in full sail