Sailing Plans of jj.boat


A record (Log) of jj.boat's travels down France

Date Time Log Trip Log Book Note & Links
August 01 21:00     Arrive Roscoff. Slept. Very small. Not what I imagined Roscoff
August 02       Leave Roscoff, not giving the crew much rest, but I would like to get down south where it is warmer. Still in winter cloths  
August 02 13:30     Arrive Le Conquet fishing harbor, tied to a buoy. Saw a bit of own and market Le-Conquet
August 03       Leave Le Conquet La-Conquet-info
August 03 15:15     Arrive Loctudy.  
August 04 02:00     Call into Port Tudy, around 2 in the morning Sandra wakes Harbor full, tie up and walk a bit, have a drink, don´t feel happy anchoring. So sail on into the night.  
August 04       Arrive La Turball Fix sail with some French guys, all very helpful.  
August 05 13:00     Leave La Turball  
August 06 15:00 582   Arrive La Rochelle. Had to wait for the tide. Motored right in to the center of the city, breathtaking. Spent a few days, lots of street performers. We would have not got this far so quick without Malcolm´s help, Thanks Malcolm,hope you come again Larochelle-tourisme
August 07 18:00 Leave La Rochelle across the Bay of Biscay, only a Force 3 to 4 was going to put up the Cruising chute. A Force 7 to 8 blew up on the way over, A force 4 to 5 was forecast. I restrained from call the helicopter out for Sandra. It was very rough. I and a long sail. Sandra kept me awake. She was very ill. jj was comfortable. But the seas where very high and large. I thought if we come through this we will be together always. Made it to Bilbao

A few pictures of jj.boat

That's me,with my life jacket on.


jj.boat in full sail