Sailing History of jj.boat


A record (Log) of jj.boat's travels Almerimar to Altea

DateTimeLogTripLog Book ( Where jj has beenNotes & Links
October.1412:301740 Leave Almerimar. 4 weeks here. Off again. I enjoyed my stay, but will miss everyone 
October 15 08:00180767Call in to Puerto de Agulas y Hornillo Had breakfast and a sleep 
October 15 16:45182518Call in to Cala Cerrada. Much to narrow for me to anchor. Could have done it with help. It was like a very small Lulworth cove 
October 1618:00  Puerto de Cartagena. Tried to anchor but was a rocky bottom so went into marina 25 
October 17 23:55  Leave Puerto de Cartagenga 
October 1808:00182533Puerto de Tomas Maestre. Missed the bridge. Opened just for jj at 10:00. Fixed bower roller and anchor 
October 18   Sailed into Mar Menor, which is 11 x 5 miles of in land sea water. With a few Islands. Anchored off of Isla del CievoMar Menor
October 19 08:3018679Leave Mar Menor.Murlia Turistica
October 1910:001876 Arrive Puerto de Tomas Maestre. 10:00 Bridge. Cruising chute up wind 5.8 SOG 3.2 Knots. Pancakes for breakfast. Glass sea finally set up Raymarine compass and auto helm 
October 1915:00188922Puerto de Torrevieja Big open port with free anchorage. Saw a boat that looked like Capsicum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Torrevieja
October 2123:301889 Leave Puerto de Torrevieja
October 2210:30193344Arrive Altea. Get everything ready for Tom, washing, cleaning, shopping etc.Altea


A few pictures of jj.boat

That's me,with my life jacket on.


jj.boat in full sail