jj.boat 2008

A record (Log) of jj.boat's travels

Tony & Evelin's Trip 2008
May 06

Meet Tony and Evelin from the airport, by bus to Palma, where Alex meet us and took us to Andratx. Thanks Alex. Stayed the night there.

May 07 Next afternoon sailed to Sant Elmo. Saw a sword fish jumping. It was Evelin's birthday, Tony treated us to a lovely meal, the restaurant over looked the sea & I could keep an eye on jj. Some difficulty getting in & out of the dingy as the waves were high. A bit "rock & rolly" on jj, so went back to Andratx. All quite there.
May 08 Looked around Andratx & in the afternoon sailed to Santa Ponsa.
May 09 Sailed to Palmanova, found our mooring, had a peaceful night.
May 10 Up early as we have to sail to Cabrera, a strong winds, so a good sail but all were sick except me. Arrived about 19:00 and picked up a buoy. Very still and quite here.
May 11 to 16 What a lovely place, walked, talked and drank beer. Lovely place, the warden Wan , who we later leant was the "Top Guy" dove us around the island to places other would never see. Next day he invited us to dinner. We had a beer after in the bar and meet some Swiss guys who had worked at Wimpy's with Tony, they also worked in Berlin on the same job. Relaxed in the day time, had wonderful meals and enjoyed Cabrera. Also met the warden Nacho that had adopted a Chinese girl and asked Amanda if she could teach her a little Chinese. So we will meet in Andratx sometime.
May 17 Sailed to Cala Pi. Anchored stern to with ropes ashore. Got rid of a weeks rubbish in bins on the beach. There is a small river that runs under the sand, the Grandchildren would love this place.
May 18 Sailed to Palmanova as Amanda is doing Chi Ti on Monday. Saw the ball that flies people into the air.
May 19 Weather good now. Tony wanted to see the ball, so we went and saw the rough end of Magalof/Palmanova. He was fascinated with this, but we could not get him on it.
May 20 Sunny, when Amanda got back we went for an "Indian" and took Evelin to see the ball, she also did not want to go on it, "don't know why"! As we walked around there were table dancers and drunken people all over the place. Hen nights, Stag nights. The rough end of the UK, but funny to watch.
May 21 Warmer today, but they have to go home. We will miss them. Saw them off at the airport.