jj.boat 2007

Tony and Evelin's Trip
May 412:005588  Arrive Alcudia, Anchor and look at the town 
May 6    Meet them from the bus 
May 7    Relax, Evelin's birthday. Sail across the bay, good wind good sail. Had the best meal ever in Spanish restaurant. 
May 807:00   Get water & fuel. 
 08:105596  Leave Alcludia. A bit of a rough trip no wind lots of big waves, but we made it OK. 
May 814:30   Arrive Ciutadella look around at some Cala's. Decide to pick up a buoy outside Ciutadella. Go in after 21:00 along side of ferry terminal. All for free. Walk around the town.  
May 9    Have to leave by 8:00, go to a buoy and then the "crew" look around Ciutadella. Back in after the last ferry leaves, 12 Euros this time. 
May 1011:30   

Leave Ciutadella Just a short sail to Cala Santandria Anchor. Spend the day swimming, walking. Amanda & me take evening photos.

May 11 5361  Leave Cala Santandria, after shopping for German papers and fresh bread & Croissant's. 
May 1113:305369  Arrive Cala Turqueta, Swim, wait till beach empties, then go ashore walk into the woods, hear birds, don't often hear that. Walk the beach. 
May 12    Leave Cala Turqueta 
May 12    Arrive Isia del Aire, in the middle of nowhere. But out of the waves. See 2 people on shore. 
May 13    Awake to see 20 people picking up rubbish on the Island. Leave Isia del Aire a short sail to Mahon. Motor up to the end & find a buoy to pick up. The town is very pictures, but all up steps and climbing hills. 
May 1313:155662  Arrive Mahon 
May 14    Get fuel & water sail around the bay, stop in Cala de San Esteban for lunch, sail the bay into some rough water, decide to anchor in Cala Taulera. 
May 15 5664  Leave Cala de San Esteban. 
May 15    Arrive Cala Grao, says its a holiday village. Very pretty, although the bins are a long walk for Tony, but he does come back with some rope. 
May 16    Leave Cala Grao. Tack up to Puerto de Fornells, pick up a buoy. Pass some lovely places but we have to get them back to Germany. Maybe next time. 
May 16    Arrive Puerto de Fornells. Very large shelter inlet.  
May 1807:005694106 Tony & Evelyn leave by bus and ferry for Majorca, saves us rushing back to Alcludia. We had a good time, Tony helped sail jj.boat, he has so many jokes and Evelin helped with the running of jj.boat, she all ways had a smile on her face. We will miss them.  
May 1917:005694  Go shopping on the bus to a small Spanish town. Meet the local politician. Leave Puerto de Fornells, wind dropped so had to motor. 
May 1919:30570410 Arrive Cala de Algayerens, there should be a font (spring) here. Never found it. 
May 20    Awoke to another sunny day, quite windy, but we want to explore and find the spring so will stay longer and hope the wind is here when we leave. 
May 2113:005704  Leave Cala de Algayerens. Great sail towards Alcludia doing 7 knots