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To Italy - Spring 2009









Getting ready to leave for Italy, stocking up with all the heavy and bulky items.


We have a good sail from Palmanove to Colonia De Sant Jordi. Wait a few days for the wind. Sail to Mahon, motored about 1/4 of the way, good sailing the rest. Anchored outside Mahon, Menorca. Shopped again. It's a very safe and calm anchor place. Wind is forecast that we sail a bit then motor, then sail. We leave around 14:00 and are doing 8 knotts, but know it will not last. It takes us 45 hours, that's 45 hours of Amanda feeling sick, she is wonderful.


Why all the shopping we caught this one 72 CM long

Arrive Porto Conte, Cala Tramariglio, a large inlet, pick up a buoy and rest. We had a walk to find a Internet connection. We ask a local hotel and they said we could use their WIFI. Got the weather and did e mails. On the way back in the dark, there was a rustling in the bushes, I thought it was rabbits, then right in front of Amanda 2 wild Boars ran across the road. She screamed and after that walked down the middle of the road.

They were much bigger and wilder than this one

We left Porto Conte for Isola Piana. Picked up a couple of crab pots, but cut them loose. Had to go through the small rock bound Fornelli Passage.

Picked up the leading lights, then the next ones and we were through safely. Made are way across the top of Sardinia. Stayed in Porto Torres for the night. Next day tried to sail on but no wind. Then wind on the nose so stayed in a small marina for free, near Isola Rossa Marina.

They all go home at 12, so stayed for free and left early next morning.


Arrived at a lovely small Island Isola Razzoli
jj at anchor, as you can see we anchon in such wavy places!!


Just practicing for Pisa

Cala Lunga. Invited by an Italian couple for dinner, our first pasta in Italy. We now seem to live on pasta.

Leave for Fiumicino, Rome a 30 hour trip, sail most of the way. Arrive early and wait for the bridge. Motor down the canal, the same one Cleopatra sailed down 2000 years ago. There was a welcome party ready to take our ropes.



Rome as it was



The oldest bridge





is this the fastest Police Car



Time to leave Rome

Will we fit under?

Just fit

We will be back in September