jj.boat 2008

A record (Log) of jj.boat's travel


Summer of 2008









Helped Oliver paint his boat


Woke to a sunny day. Amanda got ready for her Chi Ti, I drove her. Brigitte let us use the car and we went to Ikea and shopping. Took the car back to Andratx and meet up with a few friends. Decide to go back to Cabrera for a week. Waited for the wind and sailed all the way, but caught no fish. We got 3 days and then a 4 days but could not stay on the 31st. But Wan was there and he fixed it for us, so we had 8 days of quite, no jet skis, no loud music, we love the place.

A dance Fiesta in Palma


Brigitte found me a skipping job, had to meet "Molly" in Porta ?? on the 5th and pick up divers and all there gear from Cala o Dor to take them to Cabrera for the day. I had one crew Ralph. As we had just came back I had all the rout sorted. It was good to sail a 20M boat and with Ralph doing all the work I just had to steer and get us there and back safely.

Meet up with Pam and Norm, went to Cabrera for 2 days and sailed the south coast

Pam & Norm


Meet up with Oliver a few times in Santa Ponsa, we are getting good at Dominos


Danna, Amanda and Alex go to a concert in Palma


Sail around Majorca and Minorca, spent some time in Cala Covas.

September Back to Mallorca end of September. Meet with Sara and Natasha, they brought us BBQ spare parts. we picked them up at pegira and sailed to ??. They spent the day sunbathing and swimming on jj. we went back to Santa Ponsa.