jj.boat 2009

A record (Log) of jj.boat's travel


Italy Summer of 2009










Leave Rome, Fiumicino

Leaving Fiumicino, will we fit under

Yes it did fit under, just!


Arrive Isla Giannutri. Went to look for a Roman Villa, meet a grumpy Italian guy who said we were in his garden. So look for it next time. We had to Anchor a lot here as the depth was over 20 Meter's. The wind was forecast from the Northwest at 25 knot, should be safe here I said WOW suddenly it was 55 knotts and coming from all directions. I just managed to start the engine as we got a few meter's from the rocks. Dragged the anchor till it calmed down a bit. Amanda was great keeping an eye on the radar as I steered with a rain hitting my face at 55 knotts. We motored around with the lighting showing us where the rock were, till daylight. All is well. Left for Monte Argentario. A good sail but again some strong wind came from nowhere. Anchored off of I'Isolotto. Next day went to anchor in Porto Ercole.

Could be anywhere, but this one sells well on Shutterstock

Got a lot of small jobs done. Meet a couple who owned the "Bounty Bar" in the marina, they had free WIFI. After a while Amanda asked Ilaria if she would model for her. We went to the beach and took photos. I had fish, witch I really liked, may be my taste buds are changing.

Fabrizio and Ilaria

Of the "Bounty Bar"

Went to a jazz festival

Funny trousers, but a Great Jazz Singer

Visited a church, all ways say a pray to Mum and Dad

Visited by the Police.

We have been visited by Local, Financier, Guardia, Carabineri, Customs and one other.


Left for Isola d' Elba. Sailed about 3/4 of the way. Lovely place, good shopping. We seem to have different values now. As well as a place being lovely it has to have good shopping. Brought navigation lights and a few other things.



Arrived in the river at Marina de Pisa, it's not a marina, but a river with small boat yards along the south banks.

I say arrived, as we were coming in the waves were quite high and the water not to deep. The first attempt the water turned white before me so we turned around and waited till there was a calm. It seemed OK. We waited for the next calm, then full power to get in we had less than 1/2 Meter under our keel. But safely in. we called every yard as we went down the river where we saw there was space. But "No room at the Inn" as they say. We anchored in the river. Next day phoned the captain of the River, he said we could not anchor, but he is 5 miles away. I went further up river in the dingy. No where to stay.

They fish the river with a big square net 6M x 6M which hangs from wire ropes. My book says it is 18 m high, we are 21M. One place said we could stay for 70 Euro's a night. I went past the net and asked there said 25 Euro's a night and the wire was 22 M high. So we went very slowly up river. As we got close a sail boat shorted stop stop. I did 1/2 m from the wire. He went further away and said it was OK we had a bout 1/2 M clearance. We were under and somewhere to leave jj while we explored Pisa.

Had to do this photo.

Relaxing before the climb

So many steps, but a funny balance feeling

Amanda at the top

The bells are ringing, listen carefully.

See the lean now

A pisa of pizza in Pisa

Pisa is how I remembered from the 60's. We meet Scott and family there. He makes Organic Ice Cream in the US of A. If you want to invest in Ice cream Click here.

Florence bridge

The famous David

Silly me

As we were so close we stayed another day and went by train to Florence. WOW a city of Art. We meet Scot and family again, as we were waiting to go on the "Terrace" tour.

We will be up there soon

It look so big from here

On the Terrace

Looking up at the largest dome in the world built so many years ago

It was built as 2 domes

Yes, I now know that you get so much more if you take the guide and you also do not have to queue for hours to get in places.

I was worried he would bite me

Italian Girls dress very feminine

Negotiating with the "Local"

It would not be Italy without "Scooters"

Left Marina de Pisa in Calm weather just as it was getting dark. We did not have to rush as bad weather was in front of us and we wanted to get to Capraia by 7 or 8 in the morning.




Arrived Capraia about 5 in the morning everything was just right and we sailed at over 6 knotts, jj would just not go slow. But a bit rough for Amanda.

Capraia was a prison till the mid 80's. There is Port, a Village about 1/2 mile up the hill and the old prison buildings in the hill. One road connects the Port with the Village, a small bus does the trip. Cars can only use the roan 1 hour before and 1 hour after the ferry arrives. There are lots of donkey tracks and it is a walkers paradise, we stuck to the bus!

Meet a doctor and family from Florence. They told us some interesting places to see.

More bad winds and we had to re anchor 34 times in the night, once the anchor caught under a big think rope and we slid down it. Amanda kept us away from a fish farm and I sorted the anchor out.

The southern end of Capraia showing the red rocks

Off to France



Went to Corsica. Had a good sail and decided to go where the wind took us. It took us to Macinaggio. Its really just a marina and a very very small village, but good holding in the sandy bottom. Met the doctor again and the couple who were next to us in Marina Di Pisa


We sailed around the north of Corsica to Centuri, the windy side. This is a picture post card place, but with 2 supermarket. Stayed a couple of nights, no wind.


We wanted to get to a BIG supermarket and really shop. Left Centuri around 2 ish, little wind all sail up, but we had time. Suddenly there is 30 knotts of wind and we have to get sails down, which is quite easy on jj. Reefed the main to number 3 and had the stay sail up, we were doing 8 knotts. 20 minuets later the wind had all gone and on with the engine.

Could be anywhere, but its off of Corsica


Amanda often cooks while we sail

Saint-Florent anchored in sand and eat, looked around the port. Went in the next day, now have fresh fruit and veg. The wind was predicted to be strong and from the SW so went to re anchor. Saw a futurist motor boat, also a very large one, with a crest on it. Found sand again anchored and swam down to check all was OK. In the end the wind came around 10 from the N and NW.



We where told there are cows on this beach

There were 5, but all Bulls. I remember with Dad and brothers in Norfolk
running through a muddy ditch to get away from Bulls,
while we were mushroom picking

Only us here we thought, but walkers came along, then 2 boat load of people with
tents, tables and the largest picnic I have ever seen

We see some great boats


Arrived Calvi.

Anchored in 20 M. Lively town with a Citadel on top of the hill. Found a cafe with WIFI. Amanda asked the Ice Cream girl, Josephine. Would she model for her. We meet very early in the morning, I don`t know how Amanda got up so early. Went to the beach, then the jj and took some lovely photos.

Josephine the "Model"


Been here a few days and move tomorrow wind or no wind

Leave Calvi. Towards Ajaccio.

Stopped in Baie d' Elbo, Marine d' Elbo.

Not a marina, but a ravine with a very distinctive red rock around it. Swam had lunch and went in the dingy to look around.

Good for swimming. We could not stay the night as it was a reserve.

Sailed on to Girolata, after having a lot of trouble anchoring, we anchored in 20 M just outside bay. Awoke and jj was rock and rolling, so moved off.

The wind picked up and we sailed to Golfe de Lava, Anse de Figuera. Anchored behind a very large rock. Went on the beach for a swim and stayed the night. Sailed on to Ajaccio.


Arrived Ajaccio. Big town. Found the Tourist Information and next day went on the train to the mountain's. Lots of walking, first to a cave mans dwelling. Then to the cascade de Angels. Worth the long walk as there were small pools to swim in. Very cool, but refreshing.

Train Photos and text



  Cala Longa Anchored with a line ashore. Very comfy night.



Arrived Cala Di Furnellu. Out of the waves and very calm. Swam to the shore and swam around the rocks. In the evening We went to the beach and Amanda took a few photos. Lots of boats and ail boards, good job we are honest!

Leaving the mountains of Corsica behind us.

The wind picked up and we sailed to Bonifacio. Just went in and saw where could anchor for free.


Carried on to Italy, Sardinia, Sant Teresa Gallure. Went to town and filled up the Mobile phone, we are in contact with the world again. We got back to jj and all the motor boats were coming in. It was to "rock & Rolly" Moved around to the next bay, put the rocker stoppers out and had a peaceful night. There was not going to be wind for a few days. We decided to sail and motor to Fiumicino.


On the way we had 7 Dragonflies as guest

Arrived early and when the bridges opened, Amanda motored us through. They were all there to meet us. Tied up and did some shopping. We had to get visa's, had some trouble. But got one from the Greek Embassy.

We came this time not as tourist's, but shoppers

What should I pick, it is such a hard task!!

I found it and it only cost 3 Euro's


There was a Festival of the Madonna. It went on all week with music on a large stage. Apparently some top Italian singers!

On the last day there was a land and sea procession.

Big cheering as the Madonna came out of church.


The local band and priest, he had a mike and a scout with the speakers as he walked along.
Everyone was clapping the Madonna.


it always takes lots of fishermen to do this and they get a big cheer and clapping when it is finished.


They take a statue of Madonna out to sea and back.


Every boat seemed to be a Police boat.

The bridge then broke and we did not know when we could leave. It was fixed, but the roomer is that it was never broken. The guy just wanted a lye in.

But there is always someone who thinks he can fit under.

On the Tuesday night it opened at 23:00 as the Mayor had asked it to be opened. It is always closed on Wednesdays, so we left at 20:0 on the Thursday to wards Sardinia. Cooked 2 Pizza's, but left the plastic rapping on one of them, Amanda through it in the sea. The other one was OK. Not many boats, I had to sow down just for one to go ahead of us. I am writing this as we motor sail, it will take about 30 to 35 hours. When we get near land I can update the site, connecting to the site by the phone.





Where jj hopes to go & see.

Josa, on boat Harmonie. Club Nautico de Valencia Don Isidora Alvarez. I lost your phone number

Place to see on our travels

Cala Goloritze on Sardinia's Orosei Gulf

Praia de Castelejo between Lagos & Cape Sagres South West Portugal

Croatia mooring buoy's are expensive

Turkey - Maearis - Yout marina good, cheap. Always can anchor

Mooring in Palmanova 39.30.858N - 002.32.473E


If you are Family or Very Close Friends, may be you would like to come and see us. All we ask is you decide when you would to come - Join in the running of jj-boat - Help with the sailing - cooking - cleaning etc. Pay for your food, drink and water/diesel that you use, a contribution to the running costs and any Marina fees, (30 -60 Euro's a night in the Summer, as we will mostly be anchoring which is FREE and not staying in Marina's - Winter 20 - 40 Euro's a night), we can anchor, but can be a bit rock & rolly . We have not stayed in any marina's. As we are not working, we cannot afford to be out of pocket.  It is our home and is a no smoking boat (more boats sink through a fire, than bad weather), so you will have to row ashore for a quick drag. But you will so relaxed and calm you won't need a drag. Please try and keep away from school holidays unless you have children.

We keep in touch with e mail

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Your sailing would be more enjoyable if you new a few knots & a bit about sailing

jj.boat Sail plan.
We will have a cutter rig (2 sails at the front)

Our layout
Large raised Deck Salon with Settee, table, arm chair, chart table & galley
3 Double cabins, Loo, shower, hot and cold, electric loo. Large cockpit (the bit you sit outside in the Sun)






13.35m (43'10")

11.87m (38'11")

4.10m (13'5")

1.45m or 1.80m (4'9" or 5'11")



Area Waterplane

Immersion Rate

14300kg (31517lb)

4000kg (8816lb)

28.65sq.m (308sq.ft)

293kg/cm (1640lb/inch)

Wetted Surface

Fineness Coef

Block Coef

Prismatic Coef

46.77sq.m (503sq.ft)





Sail Area (Main + Fore-triangle)

Sail Area/Wetted Surface

Sail Area/Displ


91.44sq.m (984sq.ft)



Righting Moment @ 30 deg 8756 kgm (63330ft.lb)

Righting Moment @ 60 deg 11918 kgm (86200ft.lb)

Righting Moment @ 90 deg 8888 kgm (64285ft.lb)

Powering 45hp inboard diesel


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