jj.boat 2007
A record (Log) of jj.boat's travels

Summer 2007
May 21 18:30       Arrive Cala de Pinar Can't anchor too close as it is a military beach.  
May 22 11:00       Leave Cala de Pina  
Arrive Alcludia Meet up with Jason, Mands & Ryan. Have a sail around the bay and stop for lunch
Passport stolen so will be around Alcludia for a while. Brain & Ann help with some money while we wait for our credit card. Sail to Fomenter bay where there is a world famous hotel. Go to the beach for a swim, find ball, bat, bucket and a blow up dolphin with a baby one in side. Next day sail on to Pollenca, pick up a buoy. Amanda is swimming everyday now. Pam & Norm have some trouble with their gear box, so hire a car & go and see if we can help. Looking for a generator, but no luck yet. As you can see from the photos a sea plane is based here, it takes off every day and gives a little display. As it can land on the sea it is used for rescue and fire fighting. It lands at speed and keeps going until it has picked water, then it takes off to the fire and fly's low over it and drops it water, then back for more water. We are swimming twice a day, if we get up early enough, seeing lots of fish and some crabs.
Sail around to Pollensa, just relaxing
Leave Pollenca
Arrive Cala Matsoch, walk to the round tower. Log not working

Looking down at jj
Leave Cala Matsoch, a rock & roll night. Time to move on.

Looking up from jj
  Arrive Cala Gat, near Puerto de Cala Ratjada. a bit more shelter here. Amanda explores, I swim
  Leave Cala Gat, in the after noon as the wind picks up, sail most of the way just 1 hour with engine
19 June Arrive Porto Colom., Meet Pam & Norm, they are happier, the gear box is fixed. Good to see them happy. Next day meet up with Joy & Alic again. Every one looks healthy. Get on WIFI for a week. WIFI goes wrong, they give another week free. Go fishing on the dockside, Amanda caught her first fish & I had to take it off the hook! I like it here safe place, beach near by, good shops. But the water is terrible, have to use bottled for our teeth. Have a BBQ with Pam, Norm, Joy & Alik
3 July 14:30 5783     Leave Porto Colom  
  23:30 5820    

Arrive Alcludia.

  What a sail! Just as we where sailing the last 10 miles, the boat was filling up with water. Where was it coming from? Got the pumps working, slowly it was disappearing. Phoned Pam, just in case we were sinking, she would call rescue. But the water was going down. Pam & Norm came on board with another pump, we found the leak, fixed it and went to bed.

jj is filling up!!!!
5 July 14:30 5820     Leave Alcludia  
    5832     Arrive For swim, then move on to Pollenca  
9 July 10:30 5832     Leave Pollenca  
  17:00 5865     Arrive Soller, Not much space but anchor in a good place, did something there I always wanted to do! Went into a hotel and asked in the restart what do we do, she said sit down and help your self I said OK and that's what we did.
10 July 10:45 5865     Leave Soller  
  16:00       Arrive San Telmo, Very quaint village with a great bakers, good beach Amanda's swimming is coming on well.
12 July 15:30 5887     Leave San Telmo  
    5891     Arrive Andratx. Meet up with Dana & Hendrik, make some new friends 6 Hendrik cooks us all dinner on Jimmy's boat. Amanda goes to Alcludia via Palma on the bus to get the post.
18 July         Leave Andraitx, may just sail around here and come back at night to anchor
Arrive Santa Ponsa, Anchor, meet Joan and June, a couple of "Bedfords" Meet the next day have a small sail and lunch. It is a good anchorage here, with the wind off the shore.

Joan & June used to be "Bedfords"
21 July         Small trips so no log  
Back to San Telmo, meet Hendrik brother and family, lend them my child life jackets, then Andratx, then Santa Ponsa. Internet access here and clear water to swim in, nice beach with Burger King and Mcdonald Meals in hotels and free shows also. Meet Maddi a German and Dantaa a Fin, who want to charter an old Baltic post boat. Amanda went to palma on the bus to see Museum. To hot for me, I swam and did some sorting out. Catch a Squid and a next day a Octopus hiding in a can I dropped, I thought I should pick it up and it was inside.

You can guess the groups,

Maddi & Danta on the Baltic Trader
31 July         Leave Santa Ponsa  
31 July Arrive Cala Portals (Portals Vells) Stay a few days, very busy in the day time, but very quite at night when they all go back to their marinas
2 to 10 August Move on to Las Illetas, some very small Islands one joined to the main land by a causeway. Wind strengthens and turns north to north east overnight so very sheltered. Let out more chain at 7 in the morning, haven't been up this early for a bit. More boats arriving for shelter. See a boat I recognize, its Linnet and Robbi the one Colin was repairing in Torrevieja in 2005. Meet Julie Jeantot and family on yacht Privilage. They have been around the world in 12 years. Amanda has been shopping for 2 days in Palma, her swimming is coming on well. Sail to Palma Nova
11 August Leave Palma Nova. Catch a Tuna, our first. We coped very well, got it off the hook, Amanda gutted it and I BBQ it and it made 2 meals for her. Catch a Tuna, our first. We coped very well, got it off the hook, Amanda gutted it and I BBQ it and it made 2 meals for her.
  Arrive Porto Petro, pick up a buoy, but its a bit rock & rolly.
12 August Go to town, a nice village and harbor. Decide to leave Porto Petro.
  Arrive Cala Llonga, 3 Cala's in one. Anchor next to a Swedish yacht. Amanda is fishing with a rod, she really enjoys it. Caught a fish about 17 cm long, she turned it in to soup
13 August

Went into Marina & village, we need petrol for generator and water, but some water here is salty. I stopped to ask a British motor boat getting fuel. The girl said it was salty, just leaving and a voice said "hello John". It was Simon from a Summerhill garden center in Essex. I supplied him with BBQ's. Small world. Amanda stayed and fished after about 6 hours and two big ones that got away, hook and weights gone and a broken rod. She caught a 19 cm one, she wants two more tonight, I think for thicker soup. WOW caught another one, then I caught one. May be enough for a real meal. She caught 9 through 1 away, cleaned and gutted the rest

          Leave Cala Llonga. Stop in Cala Mitjana for a swim, to crowded to stay.
          Arrive Cala Arsenau, very quite here just 2 other boats, one leaves and we put out a stern anchor, so secluded and peaceful.

Lovely view to wake up to, its like a mill pond.
15 August 08:00 5905     Leave Cala Arsenau  

Caught 2 Tuna on the way over.
  16:00 5954 49   Arrive Cala Covas, Minorca.  

jj at peacefully at anchor

Sea water on the left ................... Fresh water on the right

Lots of burial caves here

Even cave dwellers

Faces in the rock

Great captain ................. terrible crew!!!!

Cecilia (French) & Xisco ( Majorcan) on Thila
hope to meet them in the winter, when their son can teach us
to sail.

Good and bad in all countries, this French boat anchored with his anchor
right in front of jj.boat. Was rude and caused havoc when he left.

A new view everyday

Kajar leaving, lovely French family

The pilot book said "The best Cala in the Balearic's". We have to agree, not only is it very pretty and with a good anchor down (ours disappeared into the sand) very safe, it has it's own spring. This enabled us to stay for as long as we had food, although we were getting very low on plastic carrier bags for the rubbish. We filled up about 70 liters a day with water and by the end we had full tanks. Filled all our drinking water containers as well. I rowed all the time while there, it seemed such a peaceful place, I did not want to disturb it. Lots of "hippie's", tourists, rock climber's and skinny dippers in the daytime . But at night they all went, just left us and the cave dwellers, with their guitars and songs echoing around the Cala. Some nights there were 10 boats anchors out and stern's tied to the shore, some nights just us. Met some lovely people, swimming was good, saw a fish with wings and spikes. As I cleaned the water line of jj, getting off a few barnacles, I looked down and there was just lots and lots of fish. I took a picture on a disposable camera, hope to put some of the pictures on here in the winter. On the last night a charter boat dragged it's anchor, they tried re-anchoring a few times but it would not hold. A few times they got very close to our chain. 2 of them came in their dingy, I suggested a place to try, but they were doing everything too fast and kept dragging the anchor. So, I decided to go and help, the guy on the next boat came as well. It was dark now. Amanda shone our light so I could see where we were. We tried a few times, then it held, I had to lend them more rope so they could tie to the land and an buoy. All was well, they thanked us. Also gave us wine and Majorcan tomato's. Next day the rope was returned, with a phone number if we needed anything in Majorca, just call, they are from Porto Cristo.
21 August 14:00       Leave Cala Covas  
  16:50 5967 13   Arrive Mahon. Stock up with food and drink, then off up the Island.  
22 August Awoke to rain, funny when it rains we quite enjoy it, cool, clears the air and washes jj down. But we do know it will be sunny later.
23 August 18:00 5970     Leave Mahon, going north  
  21:00 5986 16   Arrive Cala de Addaya. Its dark, the book said do not enter at night. But Amanda was up front with the light and picked up al the buoys, radar was on and I followed the chart. Raymarine is a wonderful tool. We made it OK and Anchored, but amanda sujestes we put out a stern anchor and that kept us away from the other moored boats.  

Rush hour in Cala de Addaya
24 August

Re anchored, but as the wind was increasing we moved further down the Cala. Anchored in 3 meters and as we turned we went aground onto mud, so no worries. We stayed like that through the high winds. Next day we went ashore and found a "launderette" not a big thing for you, but great for us. We are going to buy a washing machine when I get my passport in the UK.

26/30 August Sailed to Arenal D'en Castell, 30 minuets. I stayed in a hotel here once. A French guy swam over to see us, turns out he has a boat in Addaya and saw us there. Saw the Beatles again. Cleaning the bottom of jj. We can always go back to Addaya if the waves come up. But like a mill pond wind from the south. Amanda is writing about anchoring should I say bad anchoring. Temptations were good in the Irish Pub. Lovely bay, larger than Lulworth Cove, UK. With sandy beach, lots of swimmers & peddlelows.

Stayed here once, better looking from the sea to the beach
30 August Sailed back to Cala de Addaya, a exciting sail, 25 to 30 knot's of wind, doing 6 knot's up and down the big waves. Amanda screaming like on a roller coaster, she said it lets out the tension. jj was OK, we feel very safe in her. Arrive in Cala de Addaya, its like a mill pond.
02 September         Get water in Addaya  
30 August Sailed back to Cala de Addaya, a exciting sail, 25 to 30 knott's of wind, doing 6 knott's up and down the big waves. Amanda screaming like on a roller coaster, she said it lets out the tension. jj was OK, we feel very safe in her. Arrive in Cala de Addaya, its like a mill pond.
02 September Get water in Cala de Addaya. Lots of wind came and went while we were there, but it was still like a pond. A very safe place to be in 40 knott's of wind.

Teach some Germans how to tie knots
6 September 19:00 5996 Leave Addaya. Large waves and wind about force 4 to 5. We try and catch fish as we travel now. May be 5 to 6 knott's is too fast.
  21:30 6013 17   Arrive Mahon.  
Came back for the fiesta, saw a parade with the "tall people" dancing and bands. Drank the Fiesta drink of Fanta Lemon and Gin.

Must lose weight
Then in the evening the horses arrived, lots of people in the square,but they found room to parade and walk-on 2 legs. I don't know how they did not hurt people. The Spanish area bit crazy when it comes to fiestas. Saturday there was fireworks and later there was live music, but worst of all they played "Bonny M" songs. But they were good and loud. Sunday a swim across the harbor with the locals and music and dancing around the port.

They all want to touch the horses when it is on 2 legs
10 September         Arrive Cala de Binibeca peaceful night.  
11 September     Leave Cala de Binibeca, wash the dingy on the beach and swim
Arrive Cala Covas. We like it here. A spring so we have lots of water. Walked to the next Cala. Cala Porta to get food, on the way back we saw a demonstration of horse riding the Spanish way, like at the fiesta but with out the crowed. Meet Mark from Belgium.
17 September         Leave Cala Covas  
Arrive Isia del Aire. Go ashore and find lots of Black Lizards, they only found on this island.
17 September         Arrive Mahon  
Trying to find someone to fix our fridge, Amanda is writing and I am cleaning & sorting out all the pumps. We brought some good fishing gear, may be we will catch more fish! Fridge fixed, seems OK.
25 September         Leave Mahon  
Arrive Cala Porta, Force 7 expected by Thursday. A rock & roll night so moved to Cala Covas. Much quieter here now as winter approaches. Back to Mahon for food. Then off to a nature reserve at Cala Grao to see the "wild life". We saw a wild Tortoise, well he was very wild when I picked him up. He would not even put his head out to say hello. Back to Mahon, talked to a New Zealand couple, we gave the some information about going west & they gave us some on going east. We were going to leave Minorca when winter came,but is taking a long time to come so we are leaving anyway.

A very wild Tortoise
7 October 12:00 6030     Leave Mahon  
          May be it's winter now!