Spring of 2009










Leave Melilla, sail to Cartagena in about 30 hours, wind from behind and now she is clean sails faster.
Have to get the heater and generator fix here. It takes weeks, but Cartagena is a nice place to be. Stayed in the Marina so we could use the electric fire.
It took about 3 weeks to get everything done.

Sailed to Mar Menor. Want to lots of markets, eat loads of Oranges and enjoyed the lovely weather. Just one storm but here it does not matter it is only 5 meters deep and no waves.

Sailed up the coast to meet up with Carole and Earnest at Altea, just passed Benidorm


Left Altea in a over 40 knotts of wind, decided to make for Moraira. The wind was from the shore so no waves. Stayed the night and left late the next day for Formentera.

Saw lots of Dolphins on the way

Arrived Puerto Espalmador. We walked a lot on the beach,

it is a lovely place, just us there, found some useful things as we walked. Sailed to a few different places, Cala Sahona, Cala Sabina, shopped in Sabina.

Waited there for Danna and Kendrick to arrive on their new sail boat

Here they are

It looks great, we are so happy for them.

Went for a meal on their boat, but customs came just as we were starting to eat, then I had to go and get our papers. All was well with them.

Left for San Antonio, to meet up with Pam, Norm, Joy and Alec. Their boats got damaged in a storm in the port, along with 30 other boats that went on the beach. Helped Norm fix his bathing platform.

Went to see Carol and Joe. Carol helped Amanda with knitting. They came for tea one day, we went to Ibiza Town.


Left Ibiza for Mallorca. Had to stop at the top of the island, Cala Portinax, as the wind died on us and the waves were big. Started off again at 22:00, the wind never came so motored all the way. Arrived in Palmanova in the morning. Said hello to Mack and slept.

Danna & Hendrik in Deia

Warm Sunny Spring Day

Had to put this one on, Amanda is lovely

A very hilly place, Deia

Had a beer, but as they had no food we got some from a shop and eat it in the bar, cheapest meal we have had in a bar.

Mack the Author, took us out for lunch.

Moved from Palmanova to Puerto Portals to Las Illetas in lots of combinations, depending on the wind and waves.


A day at the market

Alex told us about a concert, it was really good and free.

Left next day for Cabrera, Averaged 6.6 knotts made it in 4 hours.

We moored very close to the shore this time.

We love it here. Its very quite and peaceful, The Grandchildren would love the Castle and beach, but they will never see it now. May be they will look at this web site and visit when I am gone.


Meet 2 guys who are spending 2 months here ringing and logging birds they capture in 5 big nets. We have never seen so many wild birds so close-up before. Walked a lot, nearly made it to the lighthouse. The castle is still good walk and such views are wonderful.

We have to visit one last time before we leave to go East.