jj.boat 2008

A record (Log) of jj.boat's travel

Spring of 2008










Lovely bloosom in Andratx

Sailing out of Andratx

We have been under the weather.

Sailed around the bay, Magaluf, Palma Nova, but back to Illetas most nights.

There was a big storm made up 2 storms 1 from France and 1 from Spain, they joined together between Majorca and Minorca, we had 35 knot's of wind but no waves as it was from the land, North & North West with some rain, it lasted 2 days. In Andratx they had hail and more rain.

Meet an American, Mack, in Palma Nova, he was moving to Illetas, but because we have Internet we could see the storm would not get to us till the next afternoon. Been in to Palma a lot. We needed water, as the storm was gone we sailed around to the north of Illetas and dropped anchor for the night, not much room there, next day went to Cala Nova to get water, anchored off and went into Palma, had a Mexican meal got back late, but a bit rolly so back to Illetas, in the dark. Amanda is going shopping today. We sailed back to Palma Nova, then Magalof. Met Mack again in Magalof, he came aboard for coffee. He has been sailing for 20 years. At last I think I have found out how to get more AMPS in the batteries, from Mack. A few hospital and Doctor visits so time is flying by and it is getting warmer.

I introduced Mack to Antje, they seem to get on OK. They came for a meal


I have been a bit under the weather,

I never new i could hold so much!!!!

but all OK now.

Amanda is making me drinks to build me up!!

We have stayed around Magalof and Palma all month, moving as the wind changed. It is easy to get into Palma from Illetas and Palmanova. Brigitte and Stephan sailed round and we had a great breakfast with them. Alex and Chris stopped by on there way back from Cabrera., Chris picked up his son from the airport, he is staying for 10 days. Annie & Hom are back from China, we did there

Meet this guy on the beach in Palmanova

Menu for them with some help from Oliver & Cara.

Took Oliver and Cara & Mia out for a sail for a day, Oliver is a great cook and brought everything he needed and it was all prepared. We had to get water and I put it in the wrong tank, so the engine would not start, So Amanda put our small dingy alongside jj and we motored out of the marina then sailed back to Palmanova.
Brigitte and Stephan took us shopping, so we getting ready for Tony and Elevlyn coming in May. We are helping Brigitte and Stephan me doing some driving and Amanda teaching Ti Chi. Summer is coming and it is getting warmer, but also more people around. Had dinner and sailed with Mack, he can't work Antje out.

Sailing with Mack

She did teach me that winches go a different way around if they are on the port or starboard side and that a big white house looks just like a dark island!!!! When you are steering the boat!!! Sorted the engine out and now the heater works great. Doing little jobs ready for the summer sailing.