jj.boat 2010


Robert and Dora's Trip 2010
July 2

Meet Robert and Dora at the airport and drive them to Milazzo, I missed the turning so it took longer than expected. We had a meal in a restaurant behind the hotel. Mine was good and hot, Dora's was nice, but Robert's and Amanda's was cold. BUT the wine was the best we tasted all holiday and we did taste some wine, all from Sicily.

July 3 We both had breakfast at their hotel. As we still had the car so went off to Messina. Came off the motorway and drove along the coast, found a pleasant bar, had a light lunch. Went shopping and got the car back for 16:50. Amanda showered in their hotel and we went looking for FOOD. Just a short distance away was a restaurant overlooking the sea. More wine from Sicily, but we could not get the same as last night. Lovely meal and I found out I like Swordfish.

Map of our travels


July 4

We had to find somewhere to pick up Robert with jj.boat. I had asked a marina if we could come along side for a few minutes and they said yes. We meet around 11:00 and all went well. I had made a few improvements to make things easier for when I am 80 odd, they also helped Robert.

The red line is our sail to Libria Island. Had lunch on the way. We sailed some and motored some. Arrived OK and found a place to let Robert off. Took Dora and Robert to their hotel and arranged to meet later. We anchored safely. The hotel had a mini bus and took us the the restaurant the the hotel owned. Fantastic food, but still can not find the wine.

July 5

We found another place to pick Dora & Robert up. All went well. Not much wind so motored to a small bay. Mauve line. Anchored close to the beach in a calm sea. To many jelly fish to swim. A lovely lunch. Dora thinks Robert could cope with the small dingy and he can, now we can go anywhere and do anything.

The famous Rock


I went through this cave, but in the dingy

July 6

A short sail for a swim Brown line


Dora remembering her camping days


It was worth all the work, now she can relax in the coolest place on the boat.


Robert walking on deck

July 7

Volcano Blue line

Robert cooling down as we travel, the volcano in the background


With a vest like that I think Robert has some "English" in him

Amanda enjoying Cappuccino


July 8

Green line Salina island and around Libira

Now Robert gets in the dingy, we can go anywhere


Amanda & Dora having done the washing up, chatting


July 9

Day in town

Me, Robert and jj.boat


Details Click here


May be this was the best service we had, my steak was BIG and juice.


Fantastic setting for dinner


As you can see we eat well

July 10 back to Sicily
July 11

Swim off of beach. light mauve line

We are back in the first restaurant, bad service, it was so bad I wanted to leave a 10 cent tip. But they had the best wine and we never found it again.


July 12 Back to Switzerland