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Start of 2007 - Log of stay in Mar Menor
January 01 Awoke in Mar Menor, started to think of what a good year 2006 has been for me. We are now just sailing around the Mar Menor seeing the villages, travailing in land by Bus/Train and being Tourist's
January 05 Saw the arrival of the 3 Kings in Cartagena. The children ask the 3 Kings for their presents, as we do to Santa (Father Christmas). They leave out shoes & if they are good get a present, if they are bad they get a piece of coal
January 08 Earnest and Carole came for a few days. It was good to meet up again. jj was anchored next to "Capsicum" the boat we Built together, over 30 years ago.
February Meet Helene at the Tourist Office. We all sailed to" The Island"
We took Helene, Sylvie & Catherine for sail around Mar Menor, they took us dancing with the "owner" who was not really our type! We had a wonderful evening & all three cooked us dinner.
February 15 10:00       Leave Mar Menor 10:00 bridge and quite sale to Cartagena  
February 15 16:00       Arrive Cartagena. It is carnival time, saw a bit of a stage show by some of the people that will be in the carnival.  
February 17-20         The carnival was just like a mini Rio Janeiro one. Lots of people dressed in outrageous costumes dancing along the streets. The music was the same all along the procession, speakers were placed every 50 meters.  
February 25         Meet Puri she is great fun, again and she brought her friend Cristina. Sailed with the wind and had lunch off of the island  
March 03         Said good-bye to Eddy, he helped with he electric's.  

Freddy, a great help to us
March 07         Last few days in Mar Menor  
March 09 08:30 5264     Leave Isla Perdiguera  
  09:45       Arrive Tomas Maestre in time for the bridge  
  10:15       Leave Mar Menor we loved it here had a very peaceful winter  
  11:25       Cabo de Palos  
  13:10 5279     Cabo de Negrete  
  15:30 5285     Arrive Cartagena  
March 09         Meet Mike & Irene again on Galadriel  
March 15         Seeing Leeroy and family. Had a good time, enjoyed the snow and seeing a bit of France  
March         Went to see Helene in Lyon, thr whole family are great hosts  
April Took 2 days to get back to Spain, had to stop a night on the way  


Me and my mate

March Getting ready for the summer, stocking up with water  
April 10         Should leave for the Islands today Easter