A record (Log) of jj.boat's travel

Malcom and Day out with Friends








  Sailed from Sicily about halfway, then in the last hour the wind went to 45 knots with lots of warm rain, it came from nowhere, after 3/4 hour is went and we had to motor.

Malcom was waiting for us in Olbia, Sardinia, after some trouble with some Germans, we picked him up and all his gear. He was fantastic to bring us lots of thongs we really needed.

We fed him well, after he had a good shower!!


As you can see, with a full tummy he is happy.


The 2 photographers.


We took Peter, Elena, Anistasia and Malcom out for a days sail.


I think the girls liked it!


Anastayiser was a natural at steering, even when there is a BIG ferry boat coming up behind us.