jj-boat 2006

A record (Log) of jj.boat's travels

Log of Malcolm's trip on jj.boat
March 6       Rent a car to collect Malcom Almerimar Puerto
March 7       Shopped, Malcolm took Video and we sorted out the WIFI  
March 7 23:00 2650   Left Almerimar Sea medium no wind. Wind picked up as we went over, saw 20 to 30 Dolphin's, Malcolm Video them.  
March 8 14:00 2731 81 Arrived Melilla, Wind picked up as we sailed over, died off towards the end Melilla

Sunset over Morocco
March 9       Malcolm looked around Melilla  
March 10 Went into Morocco for the day. Walked.. looked...eat...I ask a girl the way...Malcolm took a picture of the girl...we nearly got arrested police man came over and then plain clothed police man. But we sorted it.

A day in Morocco
March 11 Took a couple sailing, around the bay, but it was blowing a Force 8 and 39 mph winds. Had to moor on the fuel pontoon as it was so windy.  
March 12   2736 5 Malcome has gone to see some Roman remains in Melilla Engine log 506.2

Malcolm relaxing
March 12 18:00 2736   Leave Melilla towards Puerto de Cartagena. Engine log 508.5  

Amanda phoned me when I was here

Dolphins, what can I say, so magical
March 13 No wind 3 to 5 forecast. Had to wait for some large ships to pass ahead of us. Saw some dolphins in the night. 09:30 Four appeared of to port making for jj. Got our Camera's and took some photo's. About 14 hours to go, hope there is some wind. Wind arrived but right on the noise.
March 14 01:00 2896 160 Arrive Puerto de Cartagena, Malcolm going to Murcia for the day Cartagena Port

Me, my mate and a bad hair day

Malcolm and his friend

Getting ready to leave Puerto de Cartagena
March 15 16:00 2896   Leave Puerto de Cartagena. Engine log 540.5. Malcolm cooked a fish dinner on the way and eat it, I think he is a sailor now Cartagena
March 15 20:00 2924 28 Arrive Tomas Maestre, Mar Menor. Anchored off of Puerto de los Alcazares. Hendrik was there to meet us, Malcolm introduced him to Brandy, and he had a beer, we had a good chat. Mar Menor
March 16 Total miles 274 Relaxing day, Malcom took more photo's and leaves for England, got a Taxi to Airport. I think he likes the life I lead.  
March 16/17       Mar Menor, get ready for "The Green"  

Malcolm's travels