Yahoo Local Live Places


If you would like to see where I have been on "Yahoo Local live". You will have to down load or "Search for local live"

I will add places when I am sure you can view them, still trying this page out.

Alcludia Spain - Met Brian and Ann Saw Sea Planes

Almerimar Spain - This was my first marina in Spain and meet Pam,Norm, Alec and Joy here

Altea Spain - Met Tom here when he stayed for a week

Andraitx Majorca Spain - Met Oliver here

Barcelona Spain - Met Amanda here and went back 2 times

Cartagena Spain - Saw the Easter and Carnival Parades here

Formentera Spain - The best island in the Balearic's, Spain

Melillia North Africa - Wintered and painted jj here

Mar Menor Spain Spent - Winter 2006/7 here, the Greens came and saw me.

San Antonio Ibiza Spain - Meet Joe and Carol

Torrevieja Spain - Met first travailing sailing friends here


Google Earth Places

Got it Wrong Again, just copy the location intp GoogleEarth until I fix it

If you would like to see where I have been on "Google Earth". You will have to download or "Search for Google Earth.

Illetas, Menorca Spain - Loved this place

Palmanova Majorca Spain - Meet Mack here. The worst of the English here

Soller Majorca Spain - Lovely town, with electric tram

Deia Majorca Spain - Danna and hendrik took us here.

Colonia Sant Jordi, Majorca Spain - Found free WIFI in a Chino restaurant

Cabrera Majorca Spain - Spent some time here with Tony and Evelyn

Cala Covas Menorca Spain - Amanda's favorite place

Mahon Menorca Spain - Saw the horse show

Addaya Menorca Spain - Tourists for a month

Porto Conte Cala Tramariglio Sardinia Italy - First place in Italy

Fornelli Passage Sardinia Italy - Very Rocky

Isola Razzoli Sardinia Italy - Meet our first Italians

Fiumicino Rome, Italy - Tourists for a month

Giannutri, Italy -Had 55 knotts of wind here

L'Isolotto Tuscany Italy - Only us here

Cala di Galera Tuscany Italy - Meet "Bounty Bar" here

Elba, Italy - To far to walk up the hill to the Citadel.

Pisa Tuscany Italy - Was here in the 60's as well

Isola Capraia Italy - Not Capri, this was a prison Island

Macinaggio Corsica France - First place on Corsica

Centuri Corsica France - Pleasant village p