Some letters to the Grandchildren


July 2009

Hello Leon

I just wrote to all your cousins, but thought I would write you a small story.

One day there was a little boy. Maybe you could give him a name, I can not think of one.
His name was ¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K. He lived in a lovely house with his Mum and Dad and his little sister. He used to play in the garden on his slide and in his sand pit, which his Daddy made for him. He had lots of cousins as well.

His granddad had built a big big sailboat and was sailing around the world. So ¡K¡K¡K¡K. did not see much of him, but ¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K. sent his granddad lots of pictures and photographs of all the things he liked.

When he was a big big boy he went to see his granddad and slept in a small cabin on a big bed. They sailed all over the place. They anchored very close to the beach and ¡K¡K¡K¡K. Played all day with the sand and swam n the sea. When his granddad anchored near rocks ¡K¡K¡K.. would swim in the sea in deep deep water and look at all the little fish swimming around the rocks. ¡K¡K¡K¡K. was very safe because his granddad looked after him very well.

Every day granddad cooked ¡K¡K¡K.. a lovely lunch and dinner. ¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K liked to help his granddad to do the cooking. They had to go shopping. But not by car. The big big sailboat had a very very small dingy, which was towed behind the big big sailboat. They had to put the engine on the very very small dingy and motor to the harbour to find a shop. Every day was exciting.

¡K¡K¡K.. 's granddad showed him how to drive the very very small small dingy and he would take his granddad to the beach in it. One day they were at small beach and there were big caves there, ¡K¡K.. drove the very very small dingy into the caves, it was very dark, but his granddad was with him so he felt very safe.

When they were sailing ¡K¡K¡K¡K would steer the big big sail boat and granddad would put up all the sails and they went really fast. ¡K¡K¡K¡K.. and his granddad could sit up the front while sailing because granddad had a remote control. ¡K¡K¡K¡K.. could just press buttons and steer the big sail boat with it.

Sometimes they went into a harbour with the big sail boat and granddad had taught ¡K..¡K. to steer the big big sail boat, so ¡K¡K¡K... drove the big big sail boat into the harbour with all the people watching him. ¡K¡K¡K. had to steer by turning the steering wheel and make the engine go fast, slow and forwards and backwards. Making sure he did not hit any of the boats there.

When there was no wind the big big sail boat had to use her engine, ¡K¡K¡Kliked this as he could steer the big big sail boat any where he wanted.

His granddad taught him about charts, they are bit like a road map, but of the sea and they showed all the wrecks, shallow water and the best places to anchor. ¡K¡K¡K¡K. liked anchoring when his granddad said let go the anchor ¡K¡K¡K¡K.. would push a button and let the anchor splash into the sea, the anchor and chain would lay on the sandy bottom and keep the big big sail boat safe for the night.

After dinner and especially if ¡K¡K¡K had had a sleep, they would go in the dingy to the harbour and have an ice cream or pancake. Sometimes they world go to the beach when it was dark and paddle in the sea.

Living on a sail boat is a bit like living in a house, except the house is always moving to a new place and it has to find water to wash with and water to drink. The dust man dose not come and pick up the big big sail boats rubbish; they had to take it to a bin on the land.

But the best bit was when ¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K. And granddad went fishing, sometimes off of the big big sail boat, sometimes in the little dingy and sometimes off of the rocks. They caught lots of fish and if they were big ones they would cook them on the BBQ.

When it was time for ¡K¡K. To go back to England ¡K¡K¡K and granddad were sad. But they both new that one day he would come again and sail to new places. When he was much older he would come and stay for a long time.

I hope you liked this story, may be you could do some small pictures to go with it.

Love and hugs


July 2009

Hello Ben, Joe, Josh, Leon, Megan, Oli and Tom

Just a letter to say thanks for spending some time with me.
I saw Tom playing football and hide and seek, Joe playing cricket, Oli playing cricket and football up the park, Josh playing football at Aller Park and cricket, Ben doing a "Kevin", Leon hiding in all the shops and filling the trolley with sweets and toys and Megan laughing and nearly walking around. It was good to see you all so happy. When you are much older and come and see us, we will do lots of things together: Swimming off the jj, Swimming around rocks and seeing the fish, catch fish and cook them, sail to new places, play on the beach, sunbath, go for a drink in a music bar. There is so much here, but for now you will have to dream, but dreams do come true. So one day you will come and see us.

I thought I would do your all names alphabetically. I nearly learnt the alphabet at primary school, but got my U's X's and L's in the wrong places it. Now I use it and know it well. I have to turn a knob to put in data on the chart screen. So all that learning when I was 8 was worth it.

As you can see below we have been doing the "Tourist" stuff.
I got back to Rome, everything was OK. We spent a few more days in the city.
We have now left Rome, early on the Thursday 18th. We have wait for a bridge to lift up, there is only 50 cm space above the mast for us to go under. We enjoyed Rome, there is so much to take in, we are thinking of going back to Rome in September/October to see more and may be visit Pompeii.

We sailed and motored to Isloa de Giannutri, Cala Spalmatoi, a small island with a few holiday homes on it. There is also a Roman Villa, but we did not find it this time, we got chased out by an Old Italian guy. We had to anchor in 20 + meters. On the Early Sunday morning the wind got to 55 knots and we drifted a bit. We motored around in the Cala, till day light then re anchored and slept a bit. Decided to go to the mainland, Monte Argentario. We anchored behind L'lsolotto. We are now anchored in the bay next to Cala Galera waiting for a good wind to take us to the north to Pisa, slowly via a few islands, then Corsica via a few Islands and meet up with friends in Sardinia.

Our web site is it's not up to date, but I am working on it. May be you can see some of the places on Google Earth where we have been. I could send you some links if you are interested.

Our connection is not good here, so we are not on Yahoo or MSN, but you could always e mail us. Oli sent us a picture of him flying a helicopter! Leon sent me one of lots of helicopters. Megean sent me one and I don't know what it is!
Bye for now.
Love you all lots

Granddad and Amanda

June 2007

Hello Boys.
How are you all?
We are now in Porto Pollenca on the Island of Majorca, it's at the northern end.
We are tied to a buoy, so nice and safe. There are a few English, German and Dutch boats around us. We have a few friends are near by also. One has a broken gearbox so we are helping him to fix it.
As you can see from the photos a sea plane is based here, it takes off every day and gives a little display. As it can land on the sea it is used for rescue and fire fighting. It lands at speed and keeps going until it has picked water, then it takes off to the fire and fly's low over it and drops it water, then back for more water.

We are swimming twice a day, if we get up early enough, seeing lots of fish and some crabs.
Thanks for all your birthday wishes; it was good to hear from you all.
We are going to sail down the west side of Majorca, then over to Minorca. We sailed around Minorca with my brother Tony and his wife Evelin. We want to see Minorca at a more leisurely pace. Many Cala's (coves, beaches) can only be reached by boat. We like that, to have the beach all to ourselves. I am cooking bread every two days and Amanda is preparing lunch
If you want to know more about, where we are, you can always e mail us or look on the web site.

Have to find a WIFI connection now and send this to you all.

Bye for now¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡K¡Klove from both of us.
Granddad & Amanda


29th December 2006

Hello Leon, Joey G, Josh, Benny G, Oliver, & Tommy G

It was good to talk to you over Christmas. Did you have a good time? I hear that Adam has a new games console. Do you know what kind it is? Did he let you play on it? How did you like playing with all your cousins on Boxing Day?

We are in Mar Menor still,

sailing around to find good places to anchor. So far the weather has been perfect for anchoring calm & no wind. Just right for going fast in the dinghy. There are about 5 towns around the lagoon (Inland Sea Lake) and we will visit them all while we are here.

We are catching the train into Cartagena, we meet some Spanish people we meet and they are showing us around their city. On Sunday we are going to a very big market to buy a wok. Amanda now likes cooking and Taiwanese cooking uses a wok to cook with. Have you tried using the chop sticks again?

We put your new picture on jj.boat's web site. The one of you all sitting on the settee with Amanda. You are all back to school next week, try and e mail us some of the things you are doing and let us know how your football games are going. Who scored and did you win the game.

We have to find a cyber caf? now, so we can send this e mail.

Love you all

Granddad & Amanda

X X X X X X One each

12 August 2006

Hi Tommy

I have been to Ibiza for a few days; I anchored just outside the harbour. There are lots of ferries of all size that travel between the Islands and they make big waves so jj rocks and rolls a bit. The bit you would like is, in the mornings all the motorboats go out to Formentera, between 9 and lunch time to anchor by the beaches. But in the evening they all come back at 18:30 to 19:30. There seems to be hundreds of them all racing to get in the marina first. They all queue up in along line waiting. I went back to Formentera from Ibiza Town at 18:30. I had forgotten they all come back to the marina then. You can imagine little jj, struggling against all the motor boats and the big waves they make, some come so close I could almost touch them. When I left the sea was flat calm, Soon it was wave coming from every direction, a bit like your Jacuzzi with all the bubbles and jets on, BUT 100 bigger. Next time I will take some photos.

I am now anchored next to a big blue motor boat; it has a crane to lift off its dingy, with an inboard engine, the type that uses a kind of jet propulsion. jj is in 9 meters of water and I can see the bottom very clearly. If I throw bread in the fish see it before it touches the water and all swim towards where it will land. All these big boats have a Captain & crew. May when you learn Spanish you could do something like that. You would have to learn a bit about Navigation & knots. But I can teach you some of that, then you can do a course. The Spanish you have to learn. Anther thing if you have some language is to do as Mark does and work on an Airline and travel the world.

I swam yesterday and saw some really big fish, but no Octopuses like we saw when we went on holiday and saw the big fireworks. Do you remember it?

I type this using "Word" and it corrects my spelling. Like you I have difficulty with spelling, may be try it and write me a small note on what you are doing. I found the more I write the easier it gets.

Must go now, a swim before breakfast.
Give all the boys a hug from me, may be you can tell them about all the motor boats, I am sure you can tell it better than I can write it.



4 August 2006

Hello Boys

There was a procession, a church procession with a statue of the Virgin Mary and lots of priests/Vicars. They were carrying her down to the fishing boats; they put her on the biggest one. There where hundreds of small boats all with flags and bunting and balloons on, They all went out to sea in a big procession. Lots and lots of people, there. They were setting up a small fire work display; they said it would start at ten. So I had a small ice cream walked about a bit and waited. The boats came back the band played.

I sat around as everyone was lining up each side of the street. All of a sudden there was a loud BANG. I saw a bright red fire lights coming down they street with lots of BANG'S there were people dressed as devils holding fireworks they were so big, one in each hand, some on devil forked sticks, they where spinning around and as they danced the teenagers ran in and danced under the fireworks. These were big fireworks. Suddenly above our heads more fireworks went off raining down fire right across the road, the devils ran towards the crowed, the crowd run away and screamed so loud. The fireworks were so loud, bang, bang. Then they stopped walking and danced up and down the street with lots of fireworks in there hands, the children run after them, the devil turned and chassed them, running into the crowed. More over head fireworks rain down so bright. There were firemen all dressed up goggles, suits, helmets all the gear and carrying water pumps and fire extinguishers. I have never seen anything like it.

Its 00:39 there was the biggest bang I ever heard, I went outside and just watched a fantastic fire work display that lasted 15 minutes or more.
What a night.

You can see on my web site that I have had another exciting night. But I am OK and jj.boat is a great sailboat.

Amanda says she has sent you a card. What was the picture off? Joe have you been taking some pictures to send to me?

What have you all been doing? Have you seen Leon Walking yet? When he can play football I will have enough grandchildren to have a 6 a side football team.

Bye for now. I hope you are enjoying your holidays.

Love and kisses


12th May 2006

Hello Leon, Josh, Joe, Ben, Olli and Tom

Today is jj.boat´s 1st birthday.

A long time since I wrote to you all, so much has happened.

Most of the things I am doing are on my web site:

But, I do like writing to you all as well. I spent Christmas and New Year in Melillia, on the North African coast. It is very warm there all year. I was on the internet, talked and saw you all on web cam. I beat Josh at pool many times!!!!

I then went to see some friends in Almerimar. On the way over I saw Dolphins again. We all had a late Christmas dinner together and lots of parties. I drunk to much!!! I sent you the Google Earth coordinates of it, so you could see where jj was.

I sailed to Mar Menor, there I meet Dana and Hendrik again. They come from Germany, the same place my brother Tony and his wife Evelyn live with there son Mark.

Some friends came to see me and stayed a few weeks on jj.boat. Emma and family came for a week, Joe did not like the dinghy at first, but by the second day he was driving it by him self. We all had a great time. Tommy G then stayed another 2 weeks. We sailed the fastest ever that jj.boat has been. Tommy and I did 9.1 knots on jj.boat.

I meet a girl on the internet, her name is Amanda. She is from Taiwan and is spending 10 weeks with me sailing around Spain and the Balearic Islands, her picture is on the web site. At the beginning of July we will come to London, then go and see Nana by the sea and come and see you all for a few days. As some of you have been to London. What should we see there? What are the best things to see? Do any of you have a girl friends? I have made a few new friends, who are sailing around like me. We meet up every now and then. There pictures are on the web site.

How's the football going? Is Leon playing football with you all yet? What do you think of Tommy G´s drumming?

Amanda and I went to Barcelona. There are some fountains there, they go so high and dance to music. One day when you are older you must go and see them. May be you could all sail jj and take us back to Barcelona? Amanda takes lots of photographs, about a 100 a day!! Some are on the web site and others we will put on to a DVD for you to keep. I think you will like Amanda, she eats most of her food with "Chop Sticks" and is a bit of a noisy eater. She will teach you how to spell your name in Chinese and eat with chop sticks.

Wewill put Leon on when Amanda comes back.

I think Tommy knows a Chinese girl at school.

We are now in Tarragona. There are many Roman remains here. Places where they used to have Chariot races. A big round arena where the Solders used to fight lions and fight each other. Big dungeons, where they kept all the slaves and prisoners. There is also a very long sandy beach.

All Spanish towns have a big square or a very wide street with a large walkway in the middle. All the children go there at night and play, it's great for in line skating. Amanda said she would teach me to in line skate!!! I hope I don't fall over!!

How is your photographing going? Do you take many pictures? When you take some good ones, may be you could send them to us? I will have to buy Leon a camera so he can take some pictures to send to us.

We are now in Ibiza. It is a lot warmer and the sea is 25 degrees. We are swimming a lot, the water is very very clear and we see lots of fish. I have brought new goggles and some weights to go around my waist, so I sink to the bottom easier.

There is a "Guest Book" on the web site now so you can all ways write something in there when you have time, also I have put some more pictures on Tommy's 2006 page.

Bye for now, we are off to find a Cyber Café to send this and update the web site.

Love and hugs

x x x x x x

Amanda can't wait to meet you all and says hello x

14th November 2005
Hello Tommy

Did you get back safely? What was the flight like? Did you have a sleep?

Ask Mike & Marcia about their holiday, we went to some of the same places and saw the rock that the giant bit out of the mountain! Take some pictures and send them.

If you learn any Spanish words that you think I will need, could you e mail them to me. I also need the Spanish numbers that are in the book, I have to learn them as well. Try and learn some Spanish we can use in March. Glad you had a good time, you where no trouble and can come again (with a cheaper flight).

Tell Ben if he likes it in March and he likes the food. He can come and see me. When Joe is older. He can come out and play on the beach all day. Keep working hard so you can buy a Jet Ski, I am looking forward to sitting on the back.
Love Granddad & John

PS Did you give everyone a big HUG from me?

8th November 2005
Hello Joe, Ben and Tom
I have up dated the web site, with some pictures of Aller on it. Greg has a video of jj.boat sailing, try and sees it, it has the dolphins on it, me & Tom tried looking for Dolphins but did not find any. May be in March, we sill see some. I am looking for some spades, so we can dig in the sand. Hope you had a good holiday, I am enjoying mine.
I hope Tom gave you the hug I sent back; he still has to give Nan by the Sea a big one from me and show her the DVD.
Love Granddad T X B X J X
Web site

8th November 2005
Hello Oliver and Joshua
I have up dated the web site, with some pictures of Aller on it. Did you like the video of jj.boat sailing, and the dolphins? Me & Tom tried looking for Dolphins when he was on holiday, but did not find any. Tom has a DVD of jj.boat in Aller Hope you had a good holiday, I am enjoying mine. How was Nana by the Sea? I hope Tom gave you the hug I sent back; he still has to give Nan by the Sea a big one from me and show her the DVD.
Love Granddad Josh X Olli X
Web site
September 20th 2005

Hello Boys

I am still on holiday and loving it more and more. Of coarse I miss you all madly and miss playing with you all, but when I make sand castles or a dam on he beach, I think of you all and wish you could help me, because the sea always knocks them down.

How are you all? I have seen some pictures of Boys playing foot ball, was that Ben Josh, Joe, Oli and Tom. What teams do you play for?

How is school going? Do you all like your new teachers? Do you like being at the comp, Tom?

Whats your childminder like Leon? I bet you like having Dad all to yourself on Fridays.

I will write and tell you more about my holiday and trip down to Spain another time.


On the way past Portugal. I was just sitting down to have dinner, it was Pizza and salad. I looked out of the window and saw 2 dolphin's jump out of the water right from under jj.boat. I thought I was dreaming. I jumped up put on my life jacket and went up the front of jj.boat. There where 4 dolphin's swimming along in front of jj.boat. I looked up and saw a few more jumping over the waves towards jj.boat. Then there was 10 dolphin's all wanting to be the one right in front of jj.boat. suddenly there were a few more jumping right out of the water, some times 6 would jump together. I counted 22 all flicking there tails and swimming around jj.boat. Then one swam down deep and came rushing up and jumped right out of the water. They swam and joshalled for about an hour then swam away. I went back to my dinner and it was all cold, but I didn't mind as I had seen dolphin's playing in the sea.

That night I was still sailing and it was dark, I heard a squeaking noise, I shined my touch into the sea and it was the dolphin's back again. Jumping and squeaking. They did not stay to long this time, maybe it was because I did not go up the front in the dark.

Love you all
Lots of love

6th September 2005
Hello Leon, Josh, Joe, Ben, Olli and Tom

Well I think I have found the next craze in England. This time next year we could be millionaires!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its a wooden top about 50 mm round and 60 mm high with brass end at the bottom, you wrap string around it in a special way, draw a circle 60 cm Diameter on the ground. Your opponent puts his top in the circle and you pull the string to make the top spin has it hits the ground to try and knock him out of the circle. You can also do tricks balancing on the string, scoping it up to spin in your hand, lots of things. In Spain it is called PEON. We would have to find a name "Game from Spain" "Top Knocker" "Spinning Knocker". You can think of something they could be sold at school and anywhere else, you are all good at something, some could go on TV and Radio to promote it, some could write to papers and magazines, some cold wrap them up and send them out if you sold on the Internet. You could all play outside another school and sell them, you cold sell 100 to all the PSA`s. There are lots of ways. Leon would look good in a promotion photo. You can all do something. They sell here for 1€ in a toy shop. So maybe you buy them for 30 pence + 10 pence for delivery etc. 5% for me having the idea, there is no such thing as a free ride. How much would you sell them for 99P 1.99 2.99 who knows, how much was the little bits of wire selling for. Sell for less at wholesale but less work and selling 100 at a time, to shops schools etc. If you like the idea I will send some samples one for you and one for you to sell try selling it for 1.99, see how the school friends react. If you sell them to all the children in school, that's 350.00 profit. Sell them to 10 schools that are 3500.00 profits. If every child had one in their Christmas stocking, even if they paid 1 pound, this time next year we could be millionaire's and you don't pay tax on the first 3500 odd of profit each.

I am writing a dairy of my adventure, but can't get it off of the computer to e mail you. I am having a few problems with the computer.

I am at:

I am thinking of changing the name of the boat to"Le jj.boat" or is that to French.

Love you all, when you e mail me I can e mail you back


PS. You may have to have some help from Mummy & Daddy

In Spanish Peon = The name of the top Almacen de Juguetes = Toy Wholesaler Jugueteria = Toy shop
Peter Murray may be able to get them made in Indonesia; you need an automatic wood turning lath.