Idea's for fitting LED Bulbs



Ikea fitting Article number 901.204.56

Just use bolts instead of wire to connect a plate and use very thin wire to a 12 volt supply.

Clamp or a bolt through the plate you fixed the fitting then to the bimmi or Spraydodger.

You could add a switch

Replace bulb with our QS-MR16-3xH1W-WW (Warm White) or QS-MR16-3xH1W-W (Bright White)


This is an alliterative, but I can not find in 1's, just in 5's


Ikea fitting Article number 601.356.85

My Simple Idea

Just hang a bulb with connectors to a 12 volt supply, you could add a switch


Use a fitting from

Screw Fix

If it does not take a 12 volt bulb, change the fitting to one

Connect to a 12 volt supply, you could add a switch, mine is in line

There are many house hold fittings that can be used in a boat. Mine are all Screw Fix. I brought an extra one, encase of rust but after 6 years sailing 365 days a year, they are fine.

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I can not be held responsible for your fittings.

As always they should be checked by a qualified Electrician

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