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We can supply a complete range of SMD LED bulbs.


SMD Led are much more efficient than normal bulbs. Saving up to 80% of valuable battery power, if compared to normal light bulbs. Imagine using 20 Watts of power instead of 200 Watts when anchoring. You would never have to worry if someone was going to hit you in the night again and your insurance company not paying out because you did not show anchor lights. With 3 navigation lights there is even more savings of valuable battery power. Save your batteries for your evenings relaxing in your cabin.

The way it was explained to me was that a SMD LED of 3W is approximately 300 Lumen. The brightness is almost like the 20W bulb. High intense penetration in the rain and foggy weather.

Just replace old bulb with the New LED bulb.

With all the vibrations on a boat SMD LED's are very reliable.

Using SMD LED's as cabin lights is a safe option. SMD LED's produce a very low heat.

LM LED's SMD LED bulbs are guaranteed for 1 year by the Manufacture.

Next Generation of LED
Gives more light


Old style LED's

Why not use our LED's for your cabin lights, then no batteries worries.
Let the fridge make ice for your "Sundowner"



Average Watt's Consumption of jj's Anchor & Navigation LED Lights
Nights Use
1 Hour
Per Night
14 Nights
1 Year
Normal 15 Watt Bulb
10 Hours
15 Watts
180 Watts
2520 Watts
65520 Watts
LED Bulb 2 Watt
10 Hours
2 Watts
20 Watts
280 Watts
7280 Watts
Normal inside Bulbs 5 X 10 Watt
4 Hours
50 Watts
200 Watts
2800 Watts
72800 Watts
Inside LED Bulbs 5 X 1.5 Watt
4 Hours
7.5 Watts
30 Watts
420 Watts
10920 Watts
3 Night Sail
Normal Sailing Bulbs 3 X 15 Watt
12 Hours
45 Watts
540 Watts
1620 Watts
Sailing LED Bulbs 3 X 2 Watt
12 Hours
6 Watts
72 Watts
216 Watts

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