jj.boat 2009



Sardinia Autumn of 2009 with
Pam, Norm, Alec & Joy








Map of Sardinia, an Italian Island

August 31

Arrived Olbia to wait for Pam & Norm, anchored behind a small island, found another mooring and put our stern to it so we faced the wind. Spent a pleasant few days, swimming and walking along the beach.

September 1

Pam and Norm on Gypsy Rose arrived, having sailed from Tunisia.

She sails well. I hope jj.boat is in as god a nic as this when she is over 30 years old.

We cooked a meal and chatted over old times, but panic panic panic. Joy and Alec are coming in the morning. No beds made, everything in a mess and no food.

September 2

Sailed into Olbia and stayed on the Free, Town Quay. Text Joy, panic over she is coming next week, the 9th. Went shopping, Stopped for coffee, but the waitress was so rude we left and went to another bar. Had a lovely Iced Coffee, with free nibbles.

It was so expensive in Porto Cervo we only eat what we had onboard. We did buy some fresh veg and fruit.

In Olbia the food prices are reasonable. Some cheaper than the main land

We take it in turns to cook an have a meal in-between on our own.

Pam prepared a BBQ and Norm cooked it on ours Outdoor Chef.

Is that Arthur Scargle???

Its a lively town, with good shops. Toped up with gas and got some things from the Chandelle's.
Music at night, also a film in the open on a very big TV screen, everyone just sits in rows and watches.
But not to many days for us in there, people walking by, Lots of noise and a bit dirty. But enjoyed for a few days.

September 6

Left the Town Quay which was free to stay on. Got water and fuel from the marina, had a good sail across the bay to Golfo Aranci

She passed us, but we never see these bigger boats using their sails.

In the bay of Golfo di Olbia, the North East corner. Lots of choices to anchor . We went near the harbor. Found another mooring, I have to swim down, but they are there if you want to use them. Music in the evening from the beach. A windy night but we dug in deep in sand, with lots of chain out, so slept soundly.

  Pam and Norm came out the next day. They are so good to us that I wanted to cook a special meal and Norm said his idea of a good meal was "Sunday Lunch". We brought a chicken, Potatoes, Cauliflower, Carrots, Corn Sweet potato and cooked it all on the BBQ (OutdoorChef). I think they enjoyed it, well the wine helped a bit, I think.
  Went back in to the town quay and waited for Joy and Alec. They arrived looking as fit as ever. Next day we went to go out, Pam ay Norm left first but we meet them coming back in they said it was to rough. We wanted to be at anchor in the quite. There is a Car rally and the pits are by the harbor wall and they have to
  We stayed at Anchor and Gypsy Rose went back to the port. They came and saw us on there car ride around the top of Sardinia. We meet the next day and sailed to Porto Cervo, anchored and I swam a bit.
  Next day we all went on jj.boat to "The Magdilaners Islands" Anchored in a lovely bay near the beach, swam, eat and relaxed. Sailed back in a good wind. Next day. We had to say good-bye to them all, the time went so quickly. It was a sad time as we may not see them again for a long time.
  We filled with water and sailed back to "The Magdilaners Islands" Anchored in ??. The wind was fiercest o increase so moved further down the Cala, did some shopping and planed the trip back to Rome. Left for Rome with a good wind and sailed about 2/3's of the way. The wind was strong but behind us. Arrived early for the bridge. When the bridges were open we went up the canal and found our berth. Did all the things to get ready for the cruise.
  Meet Malcome at the airport and he brought our new fenders. He told us a lot about the iMac. Thanks Malcome.
25 September Off to meet Dora & Robert