The Steel Construction of "jj-boat"
Make a budget.
Decide the layout. Aft/Centre cockpit. Pilot cabin.
Chose a designer and model that will fit everything you want in to it
I spent a long time thinking about what I wanted. I choose a Dix 43 Pilot cabin,
The Steel Boat Company are very helpful and could build a hull for you e mail or their Web site

Why a Dix 43. I liked the modern design, shape, a beamy aft and I can do what I like inside.

There is one radius along it's length, so you don't have to have to buy an expensive kit (£16000). I changed the length of the pilot cabin and the layout inside, with the designers permission. Just buy the steel and have round hoops bent for the frames, cut out what you want. The same with the steel hull have it bent into tubes and cut out the sizes you want (steel and bending £2500). The rest is straight lines. I am using ply instead of steel for the deck as it will end up as a teak deck.

Find some where to build it, buy a Welder, Plasma Cutter and heavy metal working tools.
Lofting. Just make up a large table, paint it white, get a long thick pull out ruler and a set of trammel's.

Lofting table base


Lofting table


Setting out frames


Adam welding the first frame


Welding frames with hoop in the background


Set out the building platform


Sam positioning the first frame


Me having fun


jj-boat taking shape


First stringers in place

First plate


Keel base in place


What a great climbing frame


Nearly all plated


Great name "jj-boat"
Joshua - Joseph - Ben (where is he) - Oliver - Adam - Tom


Fantastic welding in the keel


Last few welds


Sarah & Adam cleaning up after the sand blasting


The sand blaster Luke.


Inside nearly panted

I have to say thank you to all those's that helped with the steel work.

Adam & Sarah
Des & Gerard
Justin & Emma
Marcia & Mike

Thanks for your help

If I missed you let me know