A record (Log) of jj.boat's travels

Log of jj-boat 1st January to 6th March
December 8th Thursday07:002312108Melilla. Stopping here over Christmas. Had to wait for a few big ships to sail out of the harbor and followed a Ferry in.Melilla
Christmas in Melilla. A quite time, meet a few people, went for a few drinks. Tappas bars are good buy a drink and you get a free tappas. Saw the children on Skype and Yahoo. Played Pool with Olli and Josh. Heard Tommy play his drums. It was good to see them all together and the grandchildren playing, while they had Christmas dinner. I had Beef; lasted 2 days so did not have to cook on Boxing Day. Had a card from Sarah. I enjoyed the Internet. Made a few friends. Melilla is quite and peaceful, I like that. Walked and biked a lot. Up dated the Web site. Watched old TV shows on DVD, so a bit like you lot!
New Year was similar to Christmas. Saw 4 new years, China, Melilla, had a drink in a bar, UK, USA. All on the Internet. With free Internet access, I could play and talk with the family anytime.

Saw this by jj, looked bigger in real life. Can't wait to go swimming.

January 1414:30N/A Leave Melilla. Fill up with fuel 321 Liters. Force 5 to 7 blowing. jj likes a good wind, 6 to 8 knots all the way. Great sail, touched 8 knots an one time. Just keepet reefing in but stayed at the same speed.Melilla
1503:45N/A86AlmerimarAlmerimar Puerto
Meet Pam, Norm, Joy, Alec , Brian and Ann. What can I say, seemed to just eat, drink and have a good time? We had Christmas dinner at Joy's and Alec 's. Norm drove us to the mountains, Saw Sea, Sand and Snow all in one day, magical. More drink and food. On a diet now. But I had a really good time. Brought a new Anchor, a Bruce.
2120:002333 Leave Almerimar. I am glad to be on the move again, I get itchy feet. I love to travel. Would have preferred to have some wind in the sails. Sierra Nevada TourismSierra Nevada
There is no wind, so I have to motor. The sea is flat calm, glass like; jj's small waves are florescent, efflorescent. Long strips of curved bright light, the propeller leaves a strip of light, as it turns in the sea, a trail of 10 to 20 meter's. It is very dark and I can see ships lights about 4 miles away. I then see a long reddish strip of light. Can't make out what it is. It looks like a cruse ship all lit up, as it gets bigger; it is the moon rising, red with the round bit at the bottom. A half moon. Very red, it raises looks like it is hanging in the sky, upside down, slow it turns white and lights up the sea. I have never seen that before & I am 61!
2219002435103Arrived in Mar Menor, Spain ready for the 20:00 bridge. Anchored for the night. Cooked dinner.Mar Menor
23Meet Hendrik & Dana on Yacht Pariyangu again. Good to see them Hendrik rowed to meet me. Had good sail with Hendrik, around Mar Menor, 7 or more knots. Went a ground, but put an anchor out and pulled our selves off. Cat & family are off to Australia, Capsicum has been sold.
27   Off to the UK for 10 days, 2 weekends. Danna & Hendrik will look after jj 
Had a good time in the UK, Emma made it all possible. I used her place as a base. Saw the children and grandchildren, 2 days each. Had a meal out with the family. My Mum was in good health. I really hope she can come out to see me. It was cold, so cold. You soon forget. Disappointed only Emma and family are coming out to see me. If I travel east in the Mediterranean then it will be more difficult to visit, for me and them. Saw some friends. Sam cooked a lovely meal, I cant thank him enough, hope he comes out to sunny Spain.
February 7 Hendrik and Dana looked after jj. She was better than I remembered, just 10 days away. Mar Menor was so calm and peaceful. Got shopping and sailed to a new anchorage, away from the noisy airport.
Went to see Fred and Lorie on Kind of Blue, they invited me for a drink. I had a beer, then Hendik and Dana arrived, we were talking in German, Dutch and English but mainly English. He has a large collection of Jazz, listened to loads. Fred used to play in a band, so did Hendrik. Fred got out his guitar, Hendrik went and got his drum and they played the blues and some music I did not understand, we drunk and Lorie just kept bring out food and the evening went so quick. I have invited them to jj tomorrow night, I wish Amanda could be here
February    Had a good few sails in Mar Menor, windy but without waves, its a nice place to anchor. Hendrik and Dana are good company, we will meet again 
February 1710:152514 Leave Mar Menor, very calm. Saw a submarine just the periscope. Sunset on the way to Almerimar. From flat calm to Force 8 
February 1814:002650136Arrive Almerimar in a force 8, winds of 34 MPH, Surfed in, a first for jj and meAlmerimar Puerto
    In Almerimar while a sail goes back to UKAlmerimar Puerto
    Almerimar is OK, some music on a Saturday. Nicest thing I can chat to Amanda everyday. Made some friends on Skype. Saying my good byes, I wont be on line like that this for a few months. 
March 6   Rent a car to collect Malcom