jj-boat 2006

I decided to build a new yacht, larger than Capsicum and in steel with a wooden deck and "Deck Salon". One of the reasons to use steel is that Adam has offered to help and he is a welder. I will update the web site as jj-boat progresses, why the name?  I named it after my grandchildren's first name initials
joshua, joseph, ben, oliver and thomas.

The  a could stand for adam or andras. They have been a tremendous help to me.
My Mum and Adam (he was there in Sprit) launched jj.boat on the 12 May 2005 at Lake Side Marina,Poole

Sailing Plans of jj.boat
A record (Log) of jj.boat's travels

Log of trip of the Irish Girl's
April    Almerimar meet a couple of Irish girls in a bar. We talked and they asked for a sail, I exchanged a sail for them doing my washing. One had a car so they took me to Mercia for the day. Saw Hendrik in Mar Menor. They also help me do things I could not normally do. We had a couple of sails, went out 7 or 8 miles in strong winds one day and calm winds another day. Swam off of jj. Meet them a few times for a drink. I have to thank them for doing the washing and folding and rolling it so neatly. One is and OT and the other has a company, selling Spanish Holiday Homes in Ireland. I could not normally, travel to other towns to have my jackets cleaned, to send mail and to see inland places. It made a pleasant change, thanks girls

Almerimar Puerto

Mar Menor

Geraldine, first in for a swim

Rosemary did swim

"The Irish Girls" all tanned up and ready to go home.

I keep in touch with e mail

e mail

Your sailing would be more enjoyable if you new a few knots & a bit about sailing

jj.boat Sail plan.
We will have a cutter rig (2 sails at the front)

Our layout
Large raised Deck Salon with Settee, table, arm chair, chart table & galley
3 Double cabins, Loo, shower, hot and cold, electric loo. Large cockpit (the bit you sit outside in the Sun)
If you want to look at the designer's web page click her . Another site with a similar 43 footer



Moraira in is the region of Valencia. See a bit more of the area.

Me in a life Jacket

When you have 2 crew it takes the strain out of sailing?

Bad hair day