jj.boat 2011

joshua, joey G, benny G, oliver and tommy G

The a could stand for adam or andras, now it could even be amanda.

My Mum and Adam (he was there in Sprit) launched jj.boat on the 12 May 2005 at Lake Side Marina, Poole

Thank you Sam & Angi for your help, all so everybody else that helped

Sailing Plans of jj.boat
A record (Log) of jj.boat's travel

Summer 2011
July Meet Malcolm in Naples, sail down the coast an stopped off at all the Roman sites.. Then across o Stromboli. See the volcano from a close restaurant. Fantastic views. Sail to the Panarea, then Lipari. Across to Milazzo. Malcolm just caught a train, there was a strike. It is always good o see him.


Where jj hopes to go & see.

No plans for 2011 yet

After that who knows

Place to see on our travels
Albania 3 creeks between the Albanian border and Igoumentitsa. all bombproof!! Ftelias, Plataria and Igoumenitsa creek. middle creek called Pagania,platarias is small harbour south of Igoumenitsa. 12 miles east of Corfu easy shopping there

Greece vinitsa free wall

Cala Goloritze on Sardinia's Orosei Gulf

Msida Creek just outside Valletta, Malta reasonably priced at 14€ plus tax a night, + Gozo and Comino.

Praia de Castelejo between Lagos & Cape Sagres South West Portugal

Croatia mooring buoy's are expensive

Turkey - Maearis - Yout Marina good, cheap. Always can anchor

Mooring in Palmanova 39.30.858N - 002.32.473E
Josa, on boat Harmonie. Club Nautico de Valencia Don Isidora Alvarez. I lost your phone number

Bastia WIFI old Port code apollonn230741!



If you are Family or Very Close Friends, may be you would like to come and see us. All we ask is you decide when you would to come - Join in the running of jj-boat - Help with the sailing - cooking - cleaning etc. Pay for your food, drink and water/diesel that you use, a contribution to the running costs and any Marina fees, (30 -60 Euro's a night in the Summer, as we will mostly be anchoring which is FREE and not staying in Marina's - Winter 20 - 40 Euro's a night), we can anchor, but can be a bit rock & rolly . We have not stayed in any marina's. As we are not working, we cannot afford to be out of pocket.  It is our home and is a no smoking boat (more boats sink through a fire, than bad weather), so you will have to row ashore for a quick drag. But you will so relaxed and calm you won't need a drag. Please try and keep away from school holidays unless you have children.

We keep in touch with e mail

Contact us

Your sailing would be more enjoyable if you new a few knots & a bit about sailing

jj.boat Sail plan.
We will have a cutter rig (2 sails at the front)

Our layout
Large raised Deck Salon with Settee, table, arm chair, chart table & galley
3 Double cabins, Loo, shower, hot and cold, electric loo. Large cockpit (the bit you sit outside in the Sun)






13.35m (43'10")

11.87m (38'11")

4.10m (13'5")

1.45m or 1.80m (4'9" or 5'11")



Area Waterplane

Immersion Rate

14300kg (31517lb)

4000kg (8816lb)

28.65sq.m (308sq.ft)

293kg/cm (1640lb/inch)

Wetted Surface

Fineness Coef

Block Coef

Prismatic Coef

46.77sq.m (503sq.ft)





Sail Area (Main + Fore-triangle)

Sail Area/Wetted Surface

Sail Area/Displ


91.44sq.m (984sq.ft)



Righting Moment @ 30 deg 8756 kgm (63330ft.lb)

Righting Moment @ 60 deg 11918 kgm (86200ft.lb)

Righting Moment @ 90 deg 8888 kgm (64285ft.lb)

Powering 45hp inboard diesel


If you want to look at the designer's web page click her . Another site with a similar 43 footer

Some idea of the temperatures

Click for Yeovilton, United Kingdom Forecast

Click for Alicante, Spain Forecast

Click for Ibiza, Spain Forecast

Click for Tenerife Sur, Canary Islands Forecast

Moraira in is the region of Valencia. See a bit more of the area.