jj.boat 2010

A record (Log) of jj.boat's travel

Winter 2010

We spent most of the winter on the Island of Cavallo.

Oct/Nov/Dec Will write more and finish the log for 2010
December 20 We leave the Island Island of Cavallo. Arrive at Palu and shop for Christmas. My left leg starts to hurt a bit.
December 23 We go and see a Dr friend on the Magellan's. She said I should go to hospital after Christmas. We sail to Porto Cervo. My leg got a bit worse.
December 24/25 We managed to get to Church in Porto Cervo, then on Christmas day had a good sail down to Olbia, cooking Christmas dinner on the way.
December 31 A good concert and fireworks in the port of Olbia. I could walk OK.