jj.boat 2009

A record (Log) of jj.boat's travel

Rome, Cruise, Germany & Switzerland 2009 and Winters End


  Malcom Looked after jj while we were away on the cruise
25 September Off to meet Dora & Robert at Fiumicino Airport, then on to the Equinox the next day

Our Cruise Ship Equinox

We had a State Room

The Wailing Wall, Israel

Good entertainment as well

Me in a Tomb in a Pyramid

Relaxing, we had breakfast here on the aft of the ship

Athens, the Acropolis
As you can see, not much choice of food, He He He

Good bye Equinox, we had a great time.
Thanks Robert and Dora
10 October Back to Rome, rushing around doing washing and getting ready to go on Holiday again.
13 October

Fly to Hamburg to see Evelyn and Tony

They meet us at the air port, it was a great visit and we saw a lot of Hamburg. Spent a long day in Berlin. Again I will update soon

23 October Fly to Zurich then train to Ebicon Switzerland to see Robert and Dora. WOW this will take a time to write. Great to see them again, we talked about the cruise. Went a round Lucerne, up to the mountains, stayed a few night, up to the place they filmed the "James Bond" movie. Saw many wonderful views and then to top it all we went in a helicopter over the mountains. But best of all was Dora's cooking, she made it all seem effortless and it was so tasty. Again I will up as time goes by.
2 November Fly back to Fiumicino to jj
  I will put more a bout our travels when I return to earth, these last 6 weeks have been fantastic and we have done and seen so much, thanks Evelyn, Tony, Dora and Robert
14 November We moved down Canal to the Constellation. There is a web Cam here. We are along side the bank, so just step off to the land. I have been doing all sorts of jobs. Mainly small ones. The Binimi is the biggest. I am making it wider so it is easier to get on deck. Amanda is busy with all the photos she took in the last 7 weeks. You can see some of me, when I model for her.
2 December Amanda leaves for Taiwan, sad day

jj & I will go to Sardinia and/or Corsica for a few months 3 December and back here for the middle of February 2010


In Olbia, lovely place in the winter, free along side in the old port.

Michele Jackson Tribute. Photos courtesy of Marella Giovannelli


Did lots of things on jj. But also took it easy. Sailed a bit. Went to Porto Cervo for Christmas. The whole church was transformed into Bethlehem. Like a living "Crib". back to Olbia for the Michele Jackson tribute, Concerts, New year and fireworks.

The End of a Wonderful Year