jj.boat 2006

A record (Log) of jj.boat's travels

Log of trip to "Almerimar"
August 27         At Puerto El Arenal, go to airport to collect Amanda  
August 27         At Puerto El Arenal or Cala Gamba, go to airport to collect Amanda. Sailed to Magaluf, Had BBQ and early bed.  
August 28         Went ashore at Palma Nova, explored a bit. Fond a Chinese restaurant and asked where we could get noodles, as we could not find any in the shops.  

A real Pirate boat
August 29         Caught the bus to Palma and visited the old town, did some shopping, found the Chinese supermarket and Amanda got her Spanish phone number. Found a "Buffet" Chines restaurant  
August 30         Rest day, we had to move, it got a bit windy, sailed to Puerto Portals. Did some cleaning. Sail to Palma, photograph the town from jj at night. Anchor the night outside the Palma harbor.  

Palma Cathedral by day

Palma Cathedral by night
August 31         Amanda went into Palma to see inside the Cathedral and the Kings Palace. Back to Magaluf to see "Elvis". Did not see Elvis, just "West Life" and some dancing girls.  
September 1 14:30 4256   986 Leave Magaluf for Ibiza  
September 1 14:30 4256   986 Leave Magaluf for Ibiza  
September 2 02:00 4317 61   Arrive Ibiza Town, Shop & Amanda goes site seeing. Sail to Formentera, Pam, Norm Joy & Alec come over for drinks.  
September 3         Restful day, swimming, computing & reading  
September 4         Up early to go back to Ibiza Town, Amanda goes site seeing and I try and get the radar fixed, they can't fix it in time. I will take it back to UK. Back to Cala Sahona (Saona), Formentera  
September 5 14:30 4345   1002 Leave Cala Sahona (Saona) Formentera  
September 6 02:00 4395 50   Arrive Moraira, Sailed 1/3 with the cruising chute and motored the rest. Saw Dolphin's on the way & a very small bird stopped by to say hello, it was on its way to Africa. We were about halfway through its journey. This is where jj was designed. Stayed in the Marina. Got a big bottle of gas and croissants for breakfast. Now we can do some washing.  
September 7         Anchored in the bay  
September 8         Left Moraira  
September 8 14:30 4414 9   Arrived Villajoyosa, great sail to Villajoyosa, Amanda went shopping, I finished my book & we found an ice cream cafe. All the house are painted a different color, they say so the fishermen could keep an eye on their wife's and see who was going into their houses.  
September 9         Left Villajoyosa  
September 9 18:00 4450 36   Arrived Torrevieja. Shopped, we are having Eddy for a meal on Sunday, Amanda is cooking.  
September 10         Leave Torrevieja. Saw flying fish for the first time, magical.  
September 10 14:15 4468 18   Arrive Mar Menor. Meet Eddy again. Amanda cooked dinner, Chines style  
September 11         Awake to a very peaceful morning everything is still, the water is like glass. Sail to get shopping and do the Internet  
September 12         Relaxing off of Pirate Island  
September 13 08:00 4479   1033 Leave Mar Menor  
September 13 19:00 4528 52 1041 Arrive Agulas, explore the town a bit. Its started to get windy.  
September 14         Awoke to a force 5 blowing but from the south west, so fairly calm, but rock & rolly. The town is quite pretty, lots of squares & fountains. Getting windier, maybe for another 24 hours.  
September 15 09:00 4528     Leave Agulas, wind NW force 5 to 6. reef sails, have breakfast on the way.  
September 15 12:30 4545 17 1043 Arrive Puerto de Garrucha. Anchor and hopefully stay 2 days.  
September 16         Puerto de Garrucha  
September 17 10:00       Leave Puerto de Garrucha  
September 18 01:30       Arrive Almerimar  
September 19         Almerimar  
November         Almerimar Sailed to Benalmadena & back  

Approximate route to Almerimar.
Mallorca, Ibiza, Formentera, Moraira, Calpe, Villajoyosa, Torrevieja, Mar Menor, Agulas, Puerto de Garrucha, Almerimar
December 01         Almerimar still here should leave soon. I have been a bit ill so staying here till better  
December 05 13:00 4874     Leave Almerimar. 4 or 5 Forecast, this soon turned into a force 8 (30+MPH winds), but as it was from the stern jj sailed very well. Some breaking waves and a bit close together. A good sail doing over 7 knot's with just a fore sail up. Decided not to stop till we got to Garrucha.  
  19:00 4940 66   Arrive Puerto de Garrucha. No large boats in harbor filling up with gravel. So we stopped 2 nights.  
December 06 11:00       Leave Puerto de Garrucha. Again a good wind made good time to Agulas.  
December 06   4958 18   Arrive Agulas  
December 08 12:00       Leave Agulas. Not much wind so stopped in a bay after an hour and waited for the wind. It came but a bit to strong, we were sheltered, waited till it was blowing a force 4 then left. Wind increased and we made good time to Cartagena  
December 09 00:30 4989 32   Arrive Cartagena. Moored along side right outside Burger King and the lively bars. Amanda was a bit unwell, tummy upset. I decided we should stay until she was better. 3 big supper markets, I love finding new types of food or something we have not had for a long time. Free bikes which made getting around faster and fun. All the Christmas lights on, we put up jj's Christmas lights.  
December 15 14:00       Leave Cartagena. Had to motor sail most of the way, some wind then jj did 7 knots for an hour or two. Once jj turned the corner we sailed at 6 knot's to Mar Menor and made the 18:00 bridge.  
December 15 17:50 5018 29   Arrive Mar Menor, anchor off of "Pirate Island" at 19:00. Lovely meal and watched a DVD. There about 6 villages to see here around the "lagoon". We will do a few bus and train rides to see inland and will stay here till March 2007. May be sail to Torrevieja.  
December 21         Moved to the "Pirate Island" as a storm was predicted, nice and calm here, winds only got over to 25/28 knots  
December 31         End the year in Mar Menor. We have sailed around the "inland lagoon" and visited places by Train and Bus.