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June 27th to July 13th
Thanks Marcia & Mike for looking after jj.

Many thanks for the use of jj.boat
The accommodation was excellent - the heat 10 degrees too high!
Nice to meet Amanda. Enjoy many happy, safe sailing moments
Lots of love

Mike & Marcia

May 12th 2006

Happy Birthday jj. What a year! Everything I brought has gone wrong, everything that friends and I made has been OK. jj sails fantastically, if the wind is over 8 knots. Very comfortable in large heavy seas. Duddle Dix has a good design. I lost Sandra, but found Amanda. She is wonderful. I haven't been as happy as I am now for 6 years. My life seems complete. Looking forward to the next year on jj.

April 14th - 16th 2006
Irish Girls

Oh John!
What a fabulous day I've enjoyed on jj.boat today. I know you could see the feeling of elstia I experienced when you set sail at Almerimar. You are a brilliant host and a perfect gentleman & it's been a pleasure to enjoy your company.
Rosemary, yourself & myself have been a good team this last week - hopefully your re ready for your next adventure beginning in Barcelona.
Have fun & be safe
Geraldine Flynn xx

For favors rendered, we take in washing anytime................
Rosemary, Caven. Ireland

March 18th - April 8th 2006

March 24th - 29th 2006
Chris and Tom

March 18th - 25th 2006
The Greens first holiday on jj.boat

We arrived in a taxi, finally finding Dad at someplace called Ribenna in Mar Menor, Where much to Joe's disgust we had to get in "Sandy" to get to jj.boat. But he didn't overcome a fear. Where as Ben and Tom, who is a natural loved it. Our luggage followed in Hendrik´s dinghy.

jj.boat has coped with the Greens wonderfully. Tom and Ben shared a bed, Justin and I in the front cabin (Dad gave us his cabin) and Joey in the aft cabin with Granddad an a sofa, listening Joe's needs and up early with Tom, so we had a lie in. Had a good motor/sail to Torrevieja, saw the fair, Sub and salt and market. Sun is warm and the sea choppy, but so far no one has been sick. Ben loves his bed, Joe loves writing in the log. Tom love showing us what he did here last October.

Well the holiday is finally over and it was much better than any off us suspected it to be. All of us enjoyed ourselves very much and didn't want to leave. On the way to the airport we talked about what we would like to do next time we came to visit Granddad and JJ Boat. So it must have been fun.

Dad behaved himself and didn't nag too much and was incredibly generous. We enjoyed sailing around Mar Menor and the boys loved motoring around in Sandy.

All I can finish on is - we will be back and for longer.

Thanks so much Dad.

Emma Green

March 18th - 25th 2006
The Joey G's first holiday on jj.boat

We sailed in the proper sea

We used 2 sails and the motor

We took Tom to the beach

We went on the roller coaster

Joey G

March 6th - 16th 2006

November 8th - 16 2005
Marcia and Mike

Mike and I had a marvelous time whist sailing with you. We saw an electric storm, which was brilliant. We had a few sunny days-when we could sit out on deck and eat the gorgeous food you prepared and at night enjoyed the wonderful "Barbies" you cooked for us. You really were the most perfect host. We felt like "Posh and Bec's" whist on jj boat and especially when we went ashore and then only had to talk to you on the walkie-talkie and you would pick us up in the dinghy!
Love Marcia & Mike

October 23rd - 30th 2005

Torrevieja December 4th 2005
Hendrik & Dana

"The Ocean will be always the same - the Ocean, full of mystery and new lessons" Bernard Moiessier.

Nice to meet you and best wishes!
Hendrik & Dana, Regensburg

October 2005
Cat & Colin & Marie Fleur & Jonah

Hey John
Ha! What a surprise! Meeting the creator of our boat! For us it is one of the marvels from life: since we wanted so much to meet the first owner of our boat; also to know the real name of her. CAPSICUM. We will give her name back! She might have changed a lot but she is now in safe hands and we are happy to have her for our travailing home. Anyway, you are well setup yourself…with this amazing "comfy" boat.
Wish you safe and happy life…
Enjoy yourself
See you around the world!
Cat & Colin & Marie Fleur & Jonah xx

You are a good builder.

October 12th 2005
Alick and Joy

Sail on John`s boat
Thank you for a wonderful sail to Morocco in jj.boat. Now we know what a "luxury yacht is!
Hoping that we cross tacks again soon
Best wishes from Alick and Joy xx

October 12th 2005
Pam & Norman

Almerimar to Melilla
Thanks for a great week- John, really had a lovely time. The boat went really well. Hope to meet up again next season.
Pam & Norman
Remember this Motto to live by:

"Life should not be a journey to the grave.
With the intention of arriving safely in an
Attractive and well-preserved body,
But rather to skid in sideways,
Chocolate in one hand,
Martini the other,
Body thoroughly used up,
Totally worn out and screaming.

Enjoy your sailing.

Launch Day Thursday 12th May

What a great day, weather could not have been better. Mary John's Dear Mother in all her gory. This I hope will be the first day of a the rest of my life. All very new to me but all ready to go. Angie, Ernest, Russell, Laura, Shaun and of course Mary and John's brother Jim and Susie sister in law and of course The Captain John. We went in the water at Lake Side Marina, Poole. And all went off in the boat. Weather good had a lovely sail and we all had a wonderful day. My love to you John and I hope we have a happy life together as I am sure we will.

Love to always. Sandra xxx

May 12th 2005
Mum & Mary

The Day I Lunched John's Boat, jj.boat.
What a wonderful day this has been foe me, to think of all the people John knows, he gave me. His old Mum of nearly 92, the privilege to launch his Yacht and what a Yacht it is most elegant, tastefully finished, everything matching and hide away cupboards. I could easily live on it, this has been a wonderful tonic for me, I have never felt better and I would recommend it to anyone. I am indeed the proudest Mum alive, he is certainly very clever and most gifted and he must have spent a lot of lonely hours and a lot of courage to even have attempted such a big project. I wish him and not forgetting Sandra, who has been his right hand, giving him so much love and support. I wish them many years of happiness in their new life together.

Fondest love
Mum & Mary