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Sardinia Summer' End of 2009









Map of Sardinia, an Italian Island

August 20

Leave Rome, Fiumicino by the 20:00 bridge. Motor and sail towards Italy the Island of Sardinia. We are planing on meeting a "Model"" Julia in Porto Cervo an enclosed bay.

August 20

We arrived around 05:00 and waited for the sun to appear. Found somewhere to anchor. Funny a long 30 odd hours and I was not really tired. Next day we decided to move, as we were close to rocks. Went to the end of the Cala Cervo and anchored. Found a spot. The wind increased so I put out another anchor. We went to the Julia's bay, called "YOU". She worked from 17:00 to 05:0, so not much chance of taking photos. We had a beer and Amanda had a cocktail, I thought 10, but is was 20 Euro's She did not really have time. Next day I swam down and found a big concrete block. Put our chain on that and all is well. We now have 2 moorings! We sailed to a nearby beach. I swam and cleaned the river slime off of jj. I am still trying to make an eye in a braided rope, I get so far then, I can not pull the rope through.

Sailed to a local beach. There are so many very large boats and it always amazes me

The Italians, like the Spanish all way encourage very young children to sail.
These were quite a long way from the shore.

Went to Fiestas that ? told us about. Free food and wine. With a good band playing all types of music.

Met a lovely lady ?. She introduced Amanda to the local photographer, she got some good shots of the evening.



August 31 Left Cervo for Olbia to wait for Pam & Norm