jj-boat 2006

I decided to build a new yacht, larger than Capsicum and in steel with a wooden deck and "Deck Salon". One of the reasons to use steel is that Adam has offered to help and he is a welder. I will update the web site as jj-boat progresses, why the name?  I named it after my grandchildren's first name initials
joshua, joseph, ben, oliver and thomas.

The  a could stand for adam or andras. They have been a tremendous help to me.
My Mum and Adam (he was there in Sprit) launched jj.boat on the 12 May 2005 at Lake Side Marina,Poole

Sailing Plans of jj.boat
A record (Log) of jj.boat's travels

Log of "The Greens" trip on jj.boat
March 16   Puerto de los Alcazares, Mar Menor
March 17 2924 Mar Menor, get ready for "The Green" washing, cleaning , sorting car or taxiMar Menor
March 18 29317

Emma and family got a taxi from Alicanti. Meet them at Santiago de la Ribera. Got a big hug from the boys. Sailed back to the Island. Tired up along side the jetty and we all walked ashore, tried to get rid of some of the boys energy. We re anchored about 100 meters from the shore, had dinner and went to bed.

March 18  29387Sailed to Isla Perdiguera (Pirate Island) 

Benny.G trying out the hammock, Tommy.G helping.
March 1910:3029435

Woke at 7:30, Haven't been up this early when at anchor before, all had breakfast, Tommy, Ben and Joe played in the dinghy. Decided to go to a nicer beach, sails and motored to Puerto de los Alcazares.


Benny.G, Tommy.G and Joe, in the dinghy with Joe steering on his own
March 19 18:0029485Left Puerto de los Alcazares, sailed in a force 6 to 7 at 7.3 knots just a reefed Genoa arrived at Isla Predigest (Pirate Island) 19:00 
March 20 10:302947 Left Isla Prefigure 
March 20 11:3029546Arrive Puerto de Tomas Maestre,  
March 2012:002954 Left Puerto de Tomas Maestre Bridge opened 
March 20 Joe  We sailed in the proper sea. We used 2 head sails and the motor. We went in the dinghy to the beach with Tom. We went on the rollercoaster. Joe Green (6) wrote this in the log book. 

Tommy first on the swing seat over the sea
March 20 15:00296511Arrived Torrevieja Played in dinghy, Justin got breadTorrevieja
March 21   Went into Marina and went walk along the sea front and had lunch at burger king and ben eat chips, hen we saw a sand castle of the Eiffel Tower and a dragon plus a elephant then we went to see the submarine and fishing boats then we went to the fair and me tom and Dad won a army set and plane too. 
March 22 14:002965 Left Torrevieja. Shopping, Beach Sailed close to the coast 

Looking towards Pirate Island from Puerto de los Alcazares
March 22 18:002988 Arrived Puerto de Tomas Maestre Bridge opened, got water, Anchored at Puerto de los Alcazares 
March 23   4Played on beach. Left Puerto de los Alcazares and sailed to Pirate Island. 

Puerto de los Alcazares from jj, we had to wake up to this every morning
March 23   4Sailed back to Puerto de los Alcazares. Tried to put up up cruing chut but got stuck, sorted it and practiced man overboard 
March 24    Played on beach at Puerto de los Alcazare and in dinghy, Joe is a very good dinghy sailor, Chris and Tom arrived. 

Tommy.G Joe and Benny.G. We only had time to watch one DVD
March 25    Sailed to Puerto de Tomas Maestre to get water and petrol 

Emma & Justin relaxing
March 25    Back to Puerto de Los Alcazares. Tried out the new ring that Chris got. Played on the beach and I towed the boys around in the ring and Hendrk and Dana played football with boys. 
March 25    "The Greens" have gone home I will miss them, I enjoyed there visit.  



Your sailing would be more enjoyable if you new a few knots & a bit about sailing

jj.boat Sail plan.
We will have a cutter rig (2 sails at the front)

Our layout
Large raised Deck Salon with Settee, table, arm chair, chart table & galley
3 Double cabins, Loo, shower, hot and cold, electric loo. Large cockpit (the bit you sit outside in the Sun)