jj-boat 2006

Why the name?  I named it after my grandchildren's first name initials
joshua, joseph, ben, oliver and thomas.

The  a could stand for adam or andras. They have been a tremendous help to me.

Sailing Plans of jj.boat
A record (Log) of jj.boat's travels

Log of Chris & Tom trip on jj.boat
March 2422:002998 Chris and Tom arrived picked them up by Club Nautic at Puerto de los Alcazares, Mar Menor
March 25 08:4529935Sailed to Puerto de Tomas Maestre, Chris brought a tow ring.Mar Menor
March 2511:0029985Sailed to Puerto de Los Alcazares jj pulled Emma, Justin, Tom and Joe along at 4 knots 

Tom says I like this
March 25  21035Back to Puerto de Los Alcazares. Tried out the new ring that Chris got. Played on the beach and I towed the boys around in the ring and Hendrik and Dana played football with boys. 

I am nearly a sleep
March 25 18:00  Took "The Greens" to get the taxi. We have a Tom and a Tommy now, so we only have to shout one name and they both jump. 

Now I have to clear up
March 26 30075Sailed to Isla Perdiguera (Pirate Island). Chris took them ashore and they explored the tunnel and played football, I cooked dinner, pizza for the boys and pork and rice for us. 

I am not going down there it is to dark

Tommy and Tom

I must tie that dinghy on better
March 2621:3030125Sailed to Puerto de Tomas Maestre filled up with water and anchored out side, all showerd and went to bed. 
March 27 08:003012 Left Puerto de Tomas Maestre Tom a sleep and Tommy on watch. Saw a big fish. Had breakfast on the way. They played cards. 
March 27  304230Arrived Puerto de Cartagena Cartagena

Chris, the Sailor and Me
March 28 13:003042 Left Puerto de Cartagena  
March 2819:30307230Arrived Puerto de Tomas Maestre, sailed arond the Island 
March 28 20:00  Got water, sailed to Puerto de Los Alcazares, had dinner and played Harry Potter card game Mar Menor
March 29   Palyed on beach and in the dinghy all day 
March 29 18:30  Chris and Tom going off, we will miss them, had a good time. 

Your sailing would be more enjoyable if you new a few knots & a bit about sailing

jj.boat Sail plan.
We will have a cutter rig (2 sails at the front)

Our layout
Large raised Deck Salon with Settee, table, arm chair, chart table & galley
3 Double cabins, Loo, shower, hot and cold, electric loo. Large cockpit (the bit you sit outside in the Sun)
If you want to look at the designer's web page click her . Another site with a similar 43 footer

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Moraira in is the region of Valencia. See a bit more of the area.