Finding "Capsicum"




Meet Colin, Cat, Marie Fleur & Jonah,on yacht that was Capsicum in Torrevieja. They also helped with my anchoring problems. In the 80's Ernist and I built wooden yacht Capsicum. It was damaged in a storm in 1987, I took he insurance & sold Capsicum to guy in Bruton who was going to sail to all the places he had visited when he was in the Navy. I had been in Torrevieja a few weeks and kept looking at their yacht & thinking it looks just like Capsicum. Colin kept asking what we had done & how we built it. Every time I looked the builder had done the same as us. I looked at the stuntion posts, they were the same, a guy in Bruton made them for us, so I looked at the pulpit & said if it had a kink in it, it must be Capsicum. That night we had dinner with Hendrik & Dana. Colin said he had some photos, the guy lived in Somerset & was in the Navy. Next morning very early, Colin came over and showed me the photos. It was Capsicum. It had changed a bit. All bit SPOOKY

jj.boat & Capsicum together in Torrevieja