Finding a

Milazzo, Sicily, Italy

The debutante built by my Uncle Buster

I thought find my old boat capsicum in Spain was a bit SPOOKY. But now I find a debutante which my Uncle Buster built in the 50 and 60's.

This was the first boat I sailed in. Buster used to pick me up around 5 in the morning North of Finchly in London, I would cycle there and leave my bike, knowing it would still be there when I got back. We would then drive to Portsmouth and go sailing for a day, I think once or twice we slept on it. A few years later he added a Commodore to his range of boats, it was over 30 feet long. My family, his family and my anti Ivy family all went to Cornwall for 2 weeks. My friend Leeroy and I slept on the boat and had to row ashore every day to go to the beach with them. We sailed around Falmouth in Cornwall.

I remember once when we were driving, he had a friend and he also had a new car, this had a new type of gear box, you did not have to double de clutch and he could put into 1st and all the gears with the clutch down, except reverse gear.

I googled “debutante yacht blanks” there is lots of information on the web.

My first view


It needs some loving care


I just had to give it a new coat of paint, it was a lovely boat to sail in. It slept 3 I think and had a cooker.


One for sale at over £4000, I remember I nearly brought a new one for under £1000


Another one still sailing