jj.boat 2011

A record (Log) of jj.boat's travel

till the end of April
Beginning of 2011
December 23 We go and see a Dr friend on the Magellan's. She said I should go to hospital after Christmas. We sail to Porto Cervo. My leg got a bit worse.
December 24/25 We managed to get to Church in Porto Cervo, then on Christmas day had a good sail down to Olbia, cooking Christmas dinner on the way.
Dec 27 Peter took me to the hospital, I had an x-ray. Had to come back in the morning to see Dr
Dec 28

Saw Dr he gave me an Cautisan injection, which I now know is the cause of all my problems.
It reacted with my diabetes

December 31 All was OK for the concert and fireworks in the port of Olbia. I could walk OK.

What an end to 2010 and a start to 2011

I thought I should begin 2011 with the last days of 2011

Jan 1 I took ibuferrin and it seemed to get better

I had to have a wheel chair the first time I went to the Hospital, but did not have my resident photographer with me.
Jan 16 My legs were swelling 1 cm a day

My legs were swelling a 1 cm a day

Peter help call and Ambulance, I could not get off jj

Jan 17 Back to Accident Department, they just sent me for an x-ray, and I had to come back tomorrow.

Second visit I defiantly had to use a wheel chair
Jan 18 Saw the "so called Dr", he said it was a blood thing and I was wheeled out.
I had to make an appointment for a echography. I got an appointment for 2 months time.
Jan 19 Amanda took over and found a Dr in Calgary, booked a taxi to the station and we got on a train at 06:15

Me in stockings
Jan 21 After a few minutes in the Calgary hospital I was admitted. They checked everything

Amanda is going back to jj t get some things for me

It is a 4 1/2 hour journey and Amanda got back very late, but saw snow from the warm train

I was Moved to another ward

12 Drips a day

Amanda moved jj to Calgary and made some friends

The Food was OK, but Amanda brought me some "Home Made" which was nice

Slowly Getting better

Home and happy

Before ..........................................................................After

If anyone wants the Diet, let me know

  Stay in Calgary till the end of April
May Sail up the East coast of Sardinia to Olbia
  Olbia to Corsica, Porto Veccio. get French food
  Porto veccio to Rome
  Rent a car and see Tuscany, Florence, Pompeii
June Leave Rome to sail down to Naples, stop at all the islands on the way