jj.boat 2008
A record (Log) of jj.boat's travel


Begining of 2008 - Andratx








December 31

After letting off flares on 25th in the harbor, we nearly set light to a house, then the boats in the marina. It was decided that the Moll (stone wall) nearest the sea was the best place to do it on New Years Eve.
Dieter picked us up and when we arrive Chris & dieter had got hold of a drum, lots of wood to make a fire in the drum. Then Stephan and Brigitte arrived with BBQ and food. This was going to be a good night. The week before a guy that services life rafts gave us 100 or more out of date flares. You can see from the pictures that we all had a good time. We counted down New Year and toasted out 2007 and in 2008. Then stared to let off the flares, only one that Uve was holding did a circle around us before heading to wards the moon. Some did not go off, but it was a good experience and we now know how to use flares. We hope none of us have to use them in an emergency.

Stephan, John, Dieter & Uwe, Brigitte cooking, Flares on the Moll, 3 Parachute flares, John, Antje, Alex, Moll group

January 1st

As seems always, we all went back to Dieters "Emily". he produced drink, food & good music. He is a wonderful guy, the girl that ties him down will have a great life. We left around 6.

Stephan, Brigitte, Antje, Uwe, Deter, Pirate, Paul, Paul's Girl, Spanish guy, Amanda, Me, Chris & Alex

January 1st

All our family, friends old & new have a great 2008.

Picked oranges in Andratx



Sailed to Isla Dragonera with Chris & Alex

Put 2 anchors out as the holding was not good, then tied to the small harbor wall.

Climbed half way up to Puig de Sa Popi. Lost Chris he went off climbing up the hard way.


Went to Palma to see the 3 Kings arrive, very big over here. They paraded through the town on floats throwing sweets to everyone. Found another Chinese restaurant with a train, the food just keeps coming and we just keep eating.

Saw the the car boot in Magaluf, with Chris and Alex, brought stuff for Amanda's studio. Sailed out of Andratx for a few hours, but not much wind, Alex seemed to enjoy it.

Festival of Sant Sebastia of Palma. Big concerts in more than 5 squares.

We saw the one in Plaza Major, people climbing on each other to make a castle. Some children fell from the top about 20 meters. Remember the fires we used to make Tommy G

Dana, Oliver, Chris, Uve, Antje & Me

Brought food from the market, here were charcoal BBQ's everywhere. I found a supper market trolley and we borrowed local peoples tools and cooked our BBQ food.

Cooked our food and eat some special sausages that the Spanish have at this festival.

Then Plaza Rei Joan Carles, Echo and the Bunny Men, Then to Plaza Espanya, an Spanish rock group and The ELO. Really enjoyed it.

Decided to sail to Palma next day. Not much wind all week so it did not matter we had to motor some of the way.

Called in to see Robbi & Linnet at Las Illetas, they are still at anchor there, had lunch then on to Palma. Anchor under the Cathedral.

More devils with fireworks all over the town. The Spanish are crazy with fireworks. Had KFC, as a treat.

With the Cathedral as a backdrop watched an hour long firework with music display. The Spanish certainly know how to party. Back to jj, Amanda is hooked on " You rang My Lord", thanks Tony
Awoke to brilliant sunshine and a calm sea.

Stayed till Saturday, we were asked to move, but had to find water anyway. No water in the marinas or fuel stations. Found a guy washing his steel boat, asked if we could have water........... All sorted.

Went to Las Illetas

Las Illetas on a Sunday, the rest of the week there is only 1 other boat

then Palma to eat. A bus ride anywhere is 1.10 Euro's on the town busses.

What a mess

Next day decided to turn the chain end to end and put on new rollers, should have been a small job, but I got the chain all tangled. Had to lift the anchor and untangle it. Amanda kept jj in place with the engine and after a few hours it was fixed.



Back to Andratx, stopped in Santa Ponsa for a night. Saw our friends, after a few days there we went to San Telmo, just us at anchor a few boats came in the day. A very good bakers, Pasteriea.

On the way to Andratx town for a days "training" in making marmalade.


We saw a fire in the hills, a helicopter was taking water from a swimming pool and putting it on the fire, very accurately.


Me, Alex and the oranges

Me and Alex made Marmalade and Amanda took lots of pictures. Making marmalade is very simple, if you want the recipe just ask. Stayed in Andratx till Ernest arrived.

Who is the film star?

Meet Ernest, Carole, Ade & Jacko on the Moll, we decided as we were going to Palma we would take them back to Illetas boat. Had to motor a lot of the way.

Ade & Jacko

Carole, Me & Ernest

But very calm for Carole & Jacko, as we turned around Pta de Cala Figuera the wind picked up and we sailed in to Cala Portals (Portals Vells) dropped anchor and had lunch. After lunch we had a short sail, then the wind died, motored on to Illetas. They treated us to Dinner in their Hotel and the next day Carole & Ernest spent the day with us.

On the Monday we meet up in Palma to go on the train to Soller, by chance they got on our bus, the number 3. Ade found a carriage with soft seats and we settled down to a "train ride"

Great views, but also lots of tunnels.

Arrived OK and jacko was our"Tour Guide" Saw places we never did before. Amanda & Ernest got the tram to Soller Port, Amanda learnt a bit about Antiques, talking to Ernest. While we walked down hill, along the river to Soller Port. Amanda made her "famous sandwiches" and Carole found a balcony to seat and eat lunch

Carole, Ernest, Jacko, Ade, John & Amanda

Lovely picture of Amanda, not quite making it back in time.


We all took the tram back up the hill.

We meet up with Robbi & Linnet, they text us to say they were ill with a bad flu. Amanda made them soup and we tried to get them antibiotics, but could not. We kept trying and we got some, with in a few days they were up and about again.