A record (Log) of jj.boat's travel

Beginning Summer of 2010








June 07 Spending a enjoyable few weeks in Porto Malfatano. We have moved around the bay depending on the wind and waves.
June 08

Went to Teulada to get water and some fresh food, the water was 12.50€ and the food was from a camp site shop, so everything was about 70% more Expensive, but we have to eat. A good sail there but had to Motor back as the wind was from the South East.

Nearing our old anchor place on the East side of the bay, there was a sail boat which looked like it was trying to anchor. When we got nearer they had a diver down but were still motoring very close to the diver. We anchored OK and even with a force 8 gale as we were only 265 Meters from the beach. Had a quite night, no alarms went off.

June 09

It was funny, we were the only ones here and all the other boats went the other side a island, a very big motor boat went the other side of the small outer island. When we awoke this morning they were all over here, behind us. The rolling waves get around the island and with the wind in the east everyone was side ways on to the waves and rolling around.

Still windy. A French sail boat came in as I was writing, I heard raised voices like children. But when I looked out it was a woman on the bow shorting to a guy who was steering. She wanted to anchor in a different place. Still shouting she dropped the anchor. Then he went up to the bow and they continued, even I don't speak French and could not hear the words I could understand what she was saying, by her hand movements. She was correct she was to close to the beach and if they swung around they would hit the bottom. He gave in and they moved and anchored where she said. I want to "applaud".

We are thinking of having early dinner and then going to the beach.

June We leave Porto Malfatano as the wind is in the south and it's getting a bit rolly. We decided to move up the coast to Pula then Cagliari. Arrive Pula.
June 11

Got a text from Pam, they are leaving. I made a coarse to intercept them and we meet on the way to Sicily. Had to motor all the way, just a few hours sailing. It took over 33 hours.

Gypsy Rose

Dolphins coming to see us


It all ways is an exciting time when they come


Jumping and talking to each other or is it to us



jj on it's way to Sicily


Sun set half way across

Gypsy Rose and Regina A bit misty, but very warm

June 13

Arrived Castellamare Del Golfo, Could not anchor so stayed in the marina, they did a deal for 3 boats.

It was always misty around here


Castellamare from the top


June 14 Anchored outside a bit rolly and noisy because Italy was playing in the Cup.
June 15

Arrived Mondello, anchored in the bay. I have never seen so many"Beach Huts" and also a bathing pier.

The bathing pier

June 16

Arrived Porto Nuove, Presidiana. Cefalu.

Safely at anchor in Cefalu


There was a great walk along the rock, with a water spout


We love markets


I like this patio


June 17 Pam, Norm Ann and Keith leave to make there way to Greece. It will be a few years before we meet up again. We will stay a few days here, till the winds come from the West.