jj-boat 2006

Sailing Plans of jj.boat and a record (Log) of jj.boat's travels

Log of trip Barcelona to Balearics
          Amanda is back home sorting visa's and packing. She should be back mid to end of August. I miss her already.  
          Thank you Marcia & Mike for looking after jj. She was cleaner when I got back than when we left. Glad you had a good time in Barcelona, it's a great city.  
July 13         Sail finally arrived. Shopped for non fridge items as the fridge is out of gas.  
July 14 09:00 N/A     Leave Barcelona. Sail slowly to Balaric Islands  
July 15 05:00   107   Arrive San Telmo, Mallorca, good sail saw Dolphins twice but they did not stop and see me. Fixed the outboard, just needed a clean  
July 15 17:00       Leave San Telmo tried sail but the wind died  
July 15 18:30 N/A 5   Arrive Puerto de Andraitx, off to the Internet Great fireworks  
July 18 11:00       Leave Puerto de Andraitx. Was going to get gas in Palma, but the wind was in the right direction for Ibiza and Formentera. Decided to sail while I could. I can all ways use Camping Gaz  
18 July 20:00   117   Arrive Clot d'esLlanp. Anchor, cook pasta, no fridge yet. So all tins and dried food. Buy fresh when I can get it & eat it the same day.  

18 July 20:00   117   Arrive Clot d'es Llanp. Anchor, cook pasta, no fridge yet. So all tins and dried food. Buy fresh when I can get & eat it the same day.  

Sun rise Clot d'es Llanp
19 July         Leave Clot d'es Llanp sail towards Formentera, looking for Pam & Norm in Gypsy Rose  

Amanda, remember the walk up to the top of "Old Ibiza Town"
19 July 12:00 Arrive Cala Sahona (Saona), Formentera. 2 phone calls from Amanda, she will be back as soon as visa's are sorted. Meet up with Pam & Norm. Tried to fix his Solenoid. Hendrik & Danna came over to see me. What a lovely surprise to see them again. Out for drinks tonight to on Octola with Ken & Jan. Pam is cooking me dinner.

Hendrik and Danna at Sahona, saying "Say Hello to Amanda", we all miss you

Jan & Ken on Octola
20 July Sahona, swam. Went with Pam & Norm to Puerto de Sabina. He got his solenoid and I sent e mails and got shopping. A good sail there and back. Went for drinks on Knights Cross with Liz, Pam & George

George & Pam with Liz on Knights Cross
21 July   Friday     Swam, feed the fish. Helped Norm with his solenoid. Swam again and again. Going to meet Hendrik & Danna near Sahona & cook dinner for them.  
22 July         Sailed to Isle Conejera arrive midnight, anchored  

Another great sunset in Formentera
July 23 Got up early sailed to Cala Bassa, found an anchorage right by the beach. Swam and stayed all day. Sail to San Antonio in the evening, picked up a buoy.
July 24 Off to Ibiza Town in Ken's car. Try and get the fridge fixed
July Sailed to the Cala's around San Antonio, much better places than San Antonio. But no fridge so have to shop every day and I can talk to Amanda. I am at anchor out in the harbor, so the water is a bit clearer.
July Sailed to Cala Grassio and meet Pam & Norms family, they played in the ring, Norm swam over and chatted.

Ibiza number 1
July Cala Bassa, meet some great people, just on the beach. Kim first, who swam out to jj to have ago on the ring, she wanted to pose in front of her friends. A great swimmer, so fast. She had some friends and they all wanted to go back to San Antonio. I was going anyway, they brought me a beer and off we sailed. A good wind and a good crew. Out of the blue they asked me out to dinner. We had a great night in the "Orange Bar". May be we will meet again sometime.

From the front of jj. Sammy, ??, ??, ??, Katie, Vicki, Hanna, Kim, Sooty, Ashley was asleep
July   July was a funny month, started, we were in London, saw Mum, then the family, back to Spain alone. That took some getting used to.
August   August already only 3 1/2 month of real heat left, then the temperature goes below 20 degrees. Just 3 weeks and Amanda is back. We found a wallet about 7 weeks ago, phoned an number in it, it was an Irish girl's old boss, she phoned me and we gave it back to her. I was walking by the beach today and a couple said "you are the guy that found my wallet". She gave me a hug and said thanks. I could not believe she would have remembered me, after all this time.
August 2   Leave San Antonio around 17:00 and get to Formentera about 22:00, very dark. Sailed most of the way, but lots of tacking. They have buoys now for mooring at, so no dragging the anchor in the weed.
August 3   I think this is the best place I have been so far, beautiful clear water, lovely beaches, just a peaceful place. Swim before breakfast. Sailed to the "long beach", relaxed swam & sailed to Ensenada del Cabrito. The warden showed me a buoy to go to. Just lining up to moor to the buoy & a Spanish sailboat came haring up to try and take it. I shouted in English and he stopped & moved off. I then had to go around & line up again. It was very near the shore, another Spanish boat said they are going in an hour and I should move there, it is safer. They helped me tie on to it. You can't judge everyone by one persons actions. Off in to town to get some fresh food.
August 4 02:00

I awoke at 02:00 there was a strong wind blowing; jj was not rocking to much. I turned on the instruments and put my head over the cockpit. The wind was 40 knots, so quite a blow, everyone was up, it seems I was the last. Managed to put the dingy on the davits and move the ring and lilo down below, let all the air out. jj still OK, lots of maydays on the radio, some boats sinking. The wind was strong then a large motor boat broke is moorings and was just rolling around quite near jj. The seas (waves) were braking. Now they can't contact some who sent a mayday. A boat called Nattily Jay. I hope they are all OK. The motor boat went on to the rocks; I don't think there was anyone in it. Boats were rolling and moving all over the place, but jj was fine not to much movement. I was on a buoy not at anchor and I did not know how safe it was, so I started the engine, I am only 60 meters from the rocks, so if all went wrong seconds would make a difference. More boats on the beach on my port side. I checked my lines to the buoy, they seemed alright. I had put two on so if one broke I had a spare line. I got the knife sharp in case I needed to cut anything away. By 03:00 the wind had died to 15 knots. While all this was going on there was a great lighting show. I kept thinking if Amanda was here what great photos she would take, I was to busy making sure everything was safe. So no photos folks. I am so glad I moved.

Lesson learnt make sure everything is safe before bed, just in case the wind does blow a bit hard. 03:25 and the wind is 7 knots, I can see stars in the sky and still a few people up. I will try and sleep and put the high wind warning alarm on.

Not much sleep, I was awoken at 05:00 the wind was over 20 knots. I stayed awake to it went below 15 knots. About 6 ish. When I awoke at 08:00 there were 7 boats on the rocks. I went over and offered long lengths of rope to pull them selves off, they said the police were coming to help them. 3 have now been pulled off. Had pancakes for breakfast, made with Soya milk, so not all bad. No red meat or dairy products. I asked someone on a big Spanish catamaran what was the weather going to do. Captain was asleep, he just came over in his dingy later and asked was OK and did I need anything. Which was nice!!!

August 5   24 hours ago the wind was over 45 MPH now it is flat calm and no wind, just a gentle ripple of the sea on the rocks, I do love the sea the way it changes so dramatically. I will sail to Sahona today.
August 6   I sailed around the Island of Formentera yesterday. Left about 13:00 and got right around by 21:00. I only had to motor the last mile. I could have sailed but I was hungry and wanted to anchor and eat. I would like to sail around all the Islands, I have done Ibiza and Formentera. Just Mallorca and Minorca to do. Off to find Pam, Norm and friends in Cala Sahona (Saona). Its windy so I like to sail, still learning to sail with a main sail! Completed the circumnavigation. Went out for drinks at a beach bar.

Drinks with Tom, Tony, Roz, Syl, Pam, Me & Norm in Cala Sahona (Saona)
August Just traveled around Formentera, seeing the beaches, I was low on Gaz, Pam & Norm swapped a Gaz bottle, as they had run out of it on Formentera. Swim a lot, I see some beautiful fish. Went to Ibiza Town for a few days. Trying to get the fridge fixed, they said tomorrow, so may me get it in 4 days!
August 12 Back in Formentera now. I heard there is a storm due on Sunday. I moved up to the top of Formentera. I dropped anchor and let out over 45 meters of chain. There was not much wind & I watched a DVD..
August 13


4141   928.0 I woke a few times in the night, a bit windy but all OK. At 5:30 I woke, the wind was stronger 30 knots, but jj is close to the beach, so the waves are not large. I had a good look around jj had not moved. But I saw other boats motoring around & guessed they had dragged their anchors. I stayed awake keeping an eye on things. It's now 7:30 & it is light. I can see one big motor boat moving very slowly, dragging her anchor. People are up on her so no need to worry. Went back to sleep & woke at 11:30. All the daytime sailors are coming out from Ibiza now. I sailed to Cala Sahona (Saona). Lots of boats but no waves.
August 14   4152 11   Sailed to Ibiza Town, the fridge is ready.  
August 15

Fridge working, may not seem much to you lot but cold drinks and fresh food for me. Fireworks in Ibiza Town tonight.
Well what a surprise, I meet my first Spanish boat friends. All of a sudden someone was calling me, he said go to channel 8 on the VHF, I thought something was wrong. He said did I know what the weather was going to be and was it safe here. I told him yes I thought it was safe here and there were no strong wind warnings. He asked if I would keep an eye on his boat, while he and girl friend went to dinner, I said yes I was not going anywhere. I moved jj a bit more inside the harbor wall. To give me more protection,if the wind did increase. As I was going to send e mails, he called me over. His name is Josa& Amanda on Harmonie, they are from Valencia. I said I was going to do e mails and he said use his Vodafone. So I did. We had a beer and chatted a bit, lots of boat coming in and anchoring, he made 2 of them move as they were very close to him. There are so many very very big yachts around jj all very close together. He did not go ashore, he felt it was to risky, I agreed with him.

Josa & Amanda on Harmonie
August 16 The wind increased as I was going ashore, 3 boats went on the rocks and 4 dragged their anchors. So I stayed on jj. I phoned Josa to tell him it was windy, as they were ashore, but his boat was OK. I asked if he could get me some bread and they did. Before he got back a large Cruise Liner came in, it had to back in and the wind took the stern around, he lost some control, it passed about 30 to 50 meter's in front of Josa boat. Then a tug came and pushed it away towards the berthing place. Then over the next few hours more and more boats wanted to anchor here. Everyone has 50 meters plus of chain out and does not want anyone else putting their chain over their anchor chain. So there is a lot of shouting in all kinds of languages. I have stopped 3 boats being to close to jj. It's better than watching TV. Some have tired their selves to buoys with signs on the say "NO ANCHORING HERE". But I suppose that is Spain. A charter boat came up and anchored over the boat next to me anchor chain, I blew my horn and told them, they did not take any action, then they caught his anchor chain, he started to drift and they pulled up their anchor, with his chain attached, no one was doing anything so I go in the dingy, by this time 3 boats where all banging into each other. I got the chain off of his anchor and the charted boat left. Now Josa has a boat to close to him and is shouting for him to move. It's going to be a long night.
August 17 Still a lot of wind, I had to take in 4 meters of chain in the night, A boat was to close to me and I could not wake them, by morning they had gone. More boats with anchors over their chains. Again I helped a very large motor boat. But through all this jj has not moved. Wind died down in the evening, so I went and got some fresh food to put in the fridge. "Lovely Jubbly"
August 18 A woke to a sunny day, very little wind. Off to San Antonio, some wind so a slow sail.
August 18 17:00 4152   936.1 Leave Ibiza Town  

August 19 01:00 4174 22 940 Arrive San Antonio, slow sail with the cruising chute up 3/4 of the way, motored the rest. No Electronic navigation, so back to paper and charts. But got here OK in the dark and cooked chicken, stuffing and sweet potatoes. Fill up with water, do washing.

Cruising Chute up Sailing into the Sun (It had to be 2 pictures but you get the mood)
August 20         In to town, the days just fly by.
August 21         Raymarine screen ready, off to Ibiza Town on the bus  
August 22        

Invited a few people around for drinks, I have to shop & clean up. There is a fire just the other side of San Antonio and planes and helicopters are dropping water on it. Picking it up from the sea. It seems to work as the smoke is going.
Had a good night, John & Hege - Ken & Jan - Syl & Tom - Norm & Pam all came for drinks, I did pizza and nibbles. Pam washed and cleared up for me.

A misty morning in San Antonio
August 23        

It was lovely to get up and everywhere was tidy, thanks Pam. Off to see Josa & Amanda in Calla La de Conta. They had lunch on jj and I rode the "TUBE" for the first time. I want to get a bigger engine so we can use it more.


Josa towing his Amanda
August 24 Sail back to San Antonio, get shopping and get ready to sail after the fireworks.

Ibiza number 2
August 25 00:55       Leave San Antonio. After the fireworks. Had to motor sail all the way the wind was in the right direction, but only 4 to 7 knots.  
August 26 15:00       Arrive Puerto Portals, Mallorca. Danna & Hendrik text me to say they were here. Met up again. He still can't find work. Anchored opposite a "Marineland" I thought it was a Aquarium and water play place. I was wrong! I was awoken in the night by the sound of Seals all shouting, it was like the film Madagascar. All sorts of noises coming from there.  
August 27         Leave Puerto Portals a short sail, to Puerto El Arenal. Swim, shop and clean up ready for Amanda. At Puerto El Arenal, go to airport to collect Amanda  

Mallorca number 2