jj-boat 2006

Sailing Plans of jj.boat
A record (Log) of jj.boat's travels

Log of trip to Barcelona
April 7    Almerimar got the car, Granddad is a great driver?? 
April 8    Tommy files back to cold England 
April 8 - 18   Relaxing in Almerimar till April 18, never found the sail. 
April 1914:153272 Leave Almerimar, on my way, sailing again 
    Cruising Chute up 6 to 10 knots of wind and 3 to 6 knots of speed 
April 20 19:00  Arrive Puerto de Tomas Maestre 
April 20 20:003390118Bridge, sail to Puerto de los Alcazares, Mar Menor, Danna and Hendrik come for dinner 
April 21    Puerto de los Alcazares, Mar Menor. Hendrik and Danna help with jobs on jj. 
April 22 16:003390 Leave Puerto de los Alcazares, Mar Menor, wave good bye to Danna & Hendrik, see them in the Balearics next. 
April 22 18:00340010Bridge, Puerto de Tomas Maestre  
April 22 18:303400 Leave Off of Puerto de Tomas Maestre. Sailing, 2 tacks to Torrevieja. Another 2 tacks and I am on my way to Alicante.  
April 23 03:00344747Arrive Alicante  
April 24    Still storms so have to wait in Alicante, sailed out to see what it was like. The Genoa halyard had come off, so back in to fix it. Meet the Dutch couple with the little dog Tommy they asked how were you. The dog barked! 
April 25 09:003447 Leave Alicante 
April 25  348033Lunch at Benidorm, anchored same place me and Tommy spent our first night in October 2005 
April 26    This was the sail of the birds, the feathered type. First at night I put on the deck lights, to see the sails and to be seen there was a lot of shipping around. A large sea gull glided a alongside picking up fish, he could see with the help of my lights, I could have leaned out and touched him. In the morning a very small bird landed on the seats in the cockpit. Rested a couple of hours then flew off, I gave it food but is was not hungry. 
April 2715:003683203Arrive Puerto de Vallcarca, a cement factory harbor. 233 miles in one go, 5/8 sailing, rest motoring. A very small cement factory harbor. All free, but not very good views. 
April 28    Resting and cleaning 
April 29   Leave Puerto de Vallcarca 
April 29    Arrive Puerto de Castelldefels (Port Ginesta) Wash down, fix sail, going to try the stay sail in the mast as a main sail. Shopping 
April 30    Collect Amanda from the Airport at 12:35Mar Menor

A long trip. It all depends on the wind.


I find sailing so energetic