A record (Log) of jj.boat's travel

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July Stayed in Milazzo for a few days, fixing the fridge and shopping. I finally found some mastic for the caulking. Now I can finish the deck and now more jobs till the winter.

Back to Volcano, we tried to sail, but got only half way, so motored to the south of the island and anchored.

Next day we went up to see a large cave and shopped the night there, next day we went to Libria, found a good Internet connection, went ashore and looked around.

Off to the white beach.
Here we find pumas stones, and old factory British owned.
I will e mail them and tell what a mess they have left the place in.

I have never seen such a lovely "Lady Alter". My Mum & Dad would have loved it.
Anchored off ??. We were going ashore and saw lots of bubbles coming up into the sea. Caught a bus to town and shopped, sightseeing etc.
Came back and swam to the bubbles, it was a small river. Very cold water but crystal clear. I went to a fiesta in the evening, local folk dancing




My brother Jim will remember when we had one like this without and engine, he fly in it.
I never had the courage to do it.


Panarea Island. We are in Caletta degli Zimmari

Map of Panarea

View of us at anchor in Caletta degli Zimmari, from a well on the top of a hill.

The prehistoric me, well in the distance is an old village

Pointing at jj in Caletta degli Zimmari







Swimming off of jj in Caletta degli Zimmari.
As you can see it is always so rough with large waves knocking us about, I joke we find places that are calm.
Most people look at the sea in the UK and think we live on water like that.

Water spout off of Panarea


31 July

The old open cast mine of pumas stone a UK company

August 05

Thanks Robert


Happy and relaxed


One of the best Sun sets I have seen

I awoke the next morning to this, nature is so wonderful.



Sailed from Sicily about halfway, then in the last hour the wind went to 45 knots with lots of warm rain, it came from nowhere, after 3/4 hour is went and we had to motor.