jj-boat 2006

I decided to build a new yacht, larger than Capsicum and in steel with a wooden deck and "Deck Salon". One of the reasons to use steel is that Adam has offered to help and he is a welder. I will update the web site as jj-boat progresses, why the name?  I named it after my grandchildren's first name initials
joshua, joseph, ben, oliver and thomas.

Taken 2002

The  a could stand for adam or andras. They have been a tremendous help to me.
My Mum and Adam (he was there in Sprit) launched jj.boat on the 12 May 2005 at Lake Side Marina,Poole

Sailing Plans of jj.boat
A record (Log) of jj.boat's travels

Log of Amanda`s trip to "The Balearic Islands"
May 22 23:30 3843   Leave Puerto de Peniscola  
May 23 14:00 3933 90 Arrive Sant Antoni Ibiza, Hendrik & Danna are there to meet us. Find the Tourist office and are going to look for somewhere better on Ibiza. May be we explore the Island from here, just go out for day sails. Sant Antoni
May 24       Woke and we thought it was my birthday, Amanda´s watch said it was the 25th. We relaxed, swam, sunbathed, rowed and I cooked a great meal. I thought WOW what a lovely birthday. Amanda´s watch is set at Taiwan time, I had 1 hour to wait till it was my English birthday. Balearics
May 25       Now, today is my birthday. Started well, Amanda cooked Pancakes, had a late breakfast, just going into town. Funny I don't feel very old! Eddy, Hendrik & Danna came for my birthday dinner. We had the spicy South African menu, given to us by John. He said it was spicy and not hot!!! I have never eaten anything as hot as it was! Amanda is a great entertainer. Visit Balears.com

Amanda cooking my Birthday Breakfast

A Taiwan (Amanda) teaching an East German (Hendrik), Japanese
May 26       Amanda woke with a bit of a head, she and Emma will get on well! Had to re anchor.  
May 27 12:00 3933  

Left with Danna & Hendrik for Cala Salada. Had a good sail. Eddy meet us and helped us anchor. Swam and rowed around the Cala

May 27 21:00 3938 5 Arrived back at Sant Antoni Ibiza. Not a good sunset, so went straight to the mooring. Some good Jazz can be heard from the town.  
May 28       Off to Cala Bassa, the sea is so clear, anchored, found water on the beach, swam around the rocks. Danna & Hendrik arrived. Sail to see the Sun set. Amanda went in the dinghy and took pictures of jj with the cruising Chute up  

Cala Bassa
May 29       Stayed the night in Cala Bassa. Amanda went up the mast and took some pictures. Visited the caves in the dinghy  

The Caves at Bassa

Self portrait

Doing 4 knot's in 6 knots of wind
May 30       Amanda spoke to Carol and her friends on Skype and MSN, had KFC, our first "Junk Food" together. Meet David & Sandy, tried to find out about WIFI. Its all a mystery to me.Went withSandy to the "Hippy Market"  

David & Sandy on Seraphina
May 31       Rained all day, did some jobs. Went to see Danna & Hendrik. They are going home for 10 days.  
June 1 06:30     Saw Danna & Hendrik off. Still doing jobs, nice sunset  
June 2       Off to Ibiza town on the bus, walked up to the old town, had a Ben & Jerry's. Shopped for PJ´S  
June 3       Hire a car, drove around the Island. It´s quite different when you get inland and off the beaten track.  
June 4       Sail to Island Conejera, swim and walk up to the Light House  
June 5       Get water, Amanda goes in to town to go on the Internet and sail towards Formentera, off around the Island. Then back to Sant Antoni to meet Pam & Norm, for the middle of the month.  
June 5      

Arrive Cala Badella (Vadella) Anchor near a large Motor Yacht Callisto. Amanda cooked a Taiwan dish for lunch and dinner.

June 6       Awake in Cala Badella (Vadella). Callisto has left. Motor around in the dinky, waiting for Amanda to wake up. Still sailing towards Formentera find the mud baths!  
June 6       Arrive Isla Espalmodor Formentera. Meet Phil & Jenny.  

Phil & Jenny
June 7       Swam and walked the beach at Puerto del Expalmador  
June 8       Sailed to wards Islas Redona & Pouet, still looking for mud baths!  
June 9       Found the "Mud Baths", but, it was to muddy and smelly to go in. Found a new place to anchorage. We have a new neighbor!  

Well boys here is a challenge "One day may be you will build a boat with a helicopter on it"
June 10       One of our days. Went to get water & some shopping on Formentera in the dinghy. Water cost 80 cents for 62 Liters. Shopping was OK, Had some Snakes (Snacks), as we were a bit hungry. On our way back, the waves were a bit large, so got so wet. We had to change as soon as we got to jj. Laughed all the way back. Our own "wet & wild ride". Watched a DVD.  
June 11       Awoke to the sounds of a party boat. While I slept in Amanda made breakfast/lunch. The biggest sandwich I have had on jj.  

Amanda introduces to a "Taiwanese Sandwich"
June 12       Leave Formentera. What a sail, cruising chute up. Amanda cooks dinner and I BBQ while sailing. What more could I want. Very happy. Drinks with Ann and Brian.  

Pam, Amanda & John

Ann & Norm
June 13       Pam, Norm, Hendrik, Danna and Eddy come for drinks  

Pam, Me, Hendrik, Danna, Norm and Eddy

Sunset over Ibiza
June 14       Wake at 11. Look for free WIFI. Found Amanda PJ's, warm but old fashioned. Always there seems there is shopping to do.  
June 15       Put up the large Union Jack. Watching England play with Norm  

Pam went up the mast, I lost the halyard putting the flag up.

. England are rubbish. Norm can't eat he is so depressed .....We scored Norm is happy again, where are the chips .......
June 15       Got back to the dinghy, the water was 1 meter deeper than when we left it. By the time we got into it 1 meter of water had disappeared! Very windy over 35 Knots.  

Feeding the Gulls
June 16       Last day in Sant Antoni Ibiza, just relaxing  
June 17 14:30 3996   Leave Sant Antoni Ibiza, Nice place as a base to visit the other Cala's  
June 18 18:00 4008 12 Arrived Puerto de San Miguel, pick up a buoy. Went ashore looked around the hotel. A it rolly on jj. Quite night, awoke we had 3 German boats anchored around us.  
June 19       Walked to hotel, Thompson all in. Phoned home. Looked for food. Nice beach and Cala (cove)  
June 20 08:00 4008   Leave Puerto de San Miguel. It got a bit rock & rolly, so moved on.  
June 20 09:00 4012 4 Arrive Cala Portinatx. Amanda rowed ashore, took some photos  
June 20 18:00 4012   Leave Cala Portinatx.  
June 21 06:00 4059 47 Arrive Puerto de Andraitix. Get 100 L fuel & anchor  

Amanda's trip to Ibiza

Amanda trip to Formentera
June 21 06:00 4059 47 Arrive Puerto de Andraitix. Get 100 L fuel & Anchor  

Andraitx, looking towards town
June 23 12:00     Leave Puerto de Andraitx, towards Puerto Soller  
June 23 16:00     Arrive Puerto Soller. A lovely little town with a electric tram system( it's a boy thing). Found a hotel with some lovely chairs to sit in. Of coarse we had "Ice Cream" Soller
June 24 10:30     Leave Puerto Soller, Not much wind to start the crossing. Saw Dolphins twice, first one's were large, did not stop long, second one's broke away from a group to play for a few minuets. They came jumping over the waves. As they went off they were jumping out of the water about a meter or more into the air. Amanda was awake more on this trip, she cooked dinner and did a lovely fruit salad.  

You can just see jj

The fantastic cutter rig
June 25 01:30   94 Arrive Castelldefels (Puerto Ginesta) Slept well.  

Amanda's short trip to Mallorca
June 25 01:30   94 Arrive Castelldefels (Puerto Ginesta) Slept well.  
June 26       Leave Castelldefels (Puerto Ginesta)  
June 26       Arrive Real Club Maritim de Barcelona, Amanda steers jj in to the marina. Meet Nataly & Jay on ??  
June 27       Meet Marcia & Mike  
June 28       Real Club Maritim de Barcelona  
June 29       To London  
July 10       Back in Barcelona  
July 12       Sail slowly to Balaric Islands  

The Islands to Barcelona

I find sailing so energetic

Amanda phoned me when jj was here