Sailing Plans of jj.boat
A record (Log) of jj.boat's travels

Log of Amanda`s 1st Sail
April 29    Arrive Castelldefels (Puerto Ginesta), tidy, clean ready for Amanda
April 30 12:35  Collect Amanda from the Airport, Had dinner could not stop talking.Metro

Amanda unpacking
May 1   Rested and chatted all day. Meet Ron, John & Susan on Spindizzy again last meet in Alicanti & a lovely Italian family, Susan & Giovanni 

John, Susan & Ron

Susan & Giovanni
May 2 13:003687 Leave Castelldefels (Puerto Ginesta). Amanda likes sailing, slept most of the way. 

Amanda's first sail
May 2 18:00371023Arrived Barcelona, Could not find space in a Marina so anchored in a small unused bit of the harbor for 2 nights. We found a space in the Barcelona Club Marina. Barcelona
May 2 to 8   We are "Real Tourists". Barcelona, what a fantastic city, so beautifulMetro

"The Fountains"

Amanda and me enjoyed the fountains, so much. You have to see them.

We both love all the statues

Chicken liken at the Chocolate Museum

Last minute shopping

May 7 20:003711 Leave the Marina and anchor in the small harbor. 
May 8  3711 Leave Barcelona to go south. The first week has flown by and we are getting on so well together, better than well.Barcelona
May 8 14:00373928Arrive Vilanova ILa Geltru, Large harbor. Did all the washing. Ride the bikes around the town and see the beach. Some interesting things to seeVilanova ILa Geltru

Amanda's first row.

Lots of biking

May 1111:30  Leave Vilanova ILa Geltru. Cruising Chute up all the way, force 4 and a beautiful sail, with a beautiful girl. 

Amanda the "Model"
May 1116:00376021Arrive Tarragona. "Tourist´s" again, for a couple who did not like "History" at school, we are making up for lost time. There is so many Roman remains here. We find it very interesting. Amanda is taking so many pictures. Tarragona

Amanda with jj in the back ground, in the Marina

Us and a Gun

Me and my mate

Amanda takes great photo's, but this one was my idea

May 15 17:003760 Leave Tarragona Tarragona
May 15 22:00378929Arrive Puerto L' AmpollaL' Ampolla
May 16   Sleep in till one. Lunch and tour the town. 
May 17 13:30  Leave Puerto L' Ampolla, Amanda sleeps, she is a bit unwell, but never moans. Took a pill and felt a bit better. 
May 17 20:00381930Arrive off of Puerto Sant Carles de la Rapita, Anchored inside the bay, very sheltered all night.Sant Carles de la Rapita
May 18    Awoke very still sea, motored over to Puerto Sant Carles de la Rapita. Anchored, went ashore to explore. Amanda is better. 
May 20 13:30  Leave Puerto Sant Carles de la Rapita  
May 20 19:00383617Arrive Puerto de Vinaroz. Wind on the noise. Tacked changed port from Puerto de Peniscola. Amanda had a good sleep. Had dinner went ashore pretty place. Found out there is a Jazz Concert in town on 21st.  
May 21    Swim, wash jj on the water line. She is looking good. Try out flippers and goggles. Relaxing day, no sightseeing. Early dinner & off to Jazz Concert. Great night, we both enjoy the same kind of music. Finished the evening with a ice cream. 

A great band "Dolc Tab Jazz Project"
May 22    Shop in market, find a Cyber Cafe 
May 22 15:253836 Leave Puerto de Vinaroz  
May 22 17:1538437Arrive Puerto de Peniscola. Lovely old town built around an old fortress. Lots of shop's and a great beach and town parks 
May 22 23:303843 Leave Puerto de Peniscola  
May 23 14:00393390Arrive San Antoni Ibiza, Hendrik & Danna are there to meet us. Find the Tourist office and are going to look for somewhere better on Ibiza 

Amanda's trip Barcelona to Ibiza